Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2017

It’s time to look at the things I’m looking forward to in 2017 having looked back on 2016 and what I had looked forward to for 2016! I don’t do new year resolutions, diets, quitting things etc.. but I hope to achieve at least half of the list below


1. Continuing to grow the blog – I’ve learnt a lot over the last year and got chatting to some absolutely awesome bloggers! It’s lovely to see so many bloggers willing to help each other and I hope I can help other bloggers too as I grow. I’ve put a lot more time into the blog this year and plan to put even more time & effort in over the coming year. Plus with the Microsoft surface pro 3 the Mr got me things have become even easier!


2. Attend a blogging event! – I know.. Even with my anxiety I want to attend an event even just a small one & meet a few bloggers even though the idea of actually getting ready and going terrifies me! 🙈😂 After meeting Martyn I really want to meet other bloggers especially Tracey (my online mummy 😉) amongst others!


3. Organizing a Mad Hatters Tea Party for Eva’s 7th birthday! Having seems Alice in wonderland this year Eva wants a crazy tea party sooo much and I’m determined to do that since last year wasn’t as great as planned! If you have any tips let me know!


4 Help my brother find a job. It’s something he’s been wanting for a while, he’s worked before & was a supervisor in a pottery factory for quite some time so he is more than capable we just need to write him up a good CV and build his confidence a little more.

5. Continue learning to crochet! I’m slowly getting the hang of new stitches and tend to make up most of my patterns as I go 🙈 but it works and gives me some time to myself & a cool way to come up with gifts!

6. Do a lot more with the girls,they’ve missed out on a lot due to financial restrictions and my health & mental health getting in the way. I want them to get out more and have lots of fun!

7. Have at least one night out with the Mr child-free. It’s an extremely rare occurrance so I’m determined to get out for an evening and have a meal and a drink alone. Aswell as the Thurrock beer festival of course! 😉

8.Watch more films with the girls! We are slowly working on this as I’ve not seen a lot of the well known kids films myself haha!


Wht are you looking forward to in 2017? Do you have any goals or resolutions set?


    I love the idea of a Mad Hatters tea party, sounds like a lot of fun. I too am hoping to grow my blog more this year, hopefully we will both succeed x

    Ali Duke | 7 years ago Reply

    These sound achievable! Im sure the events will be fine even of we start off with small steps! Love the idea behind the birthday party, i think she will love it! Also love how you fit Alex into your sure you will find him a job! Onwards and upwards!

    Martyn Kitney | 7 years ago Reply

      Fingers crossed! I hope so, I need to get out more & meet a few weirdo's like me haha! I can't wait to plan the party.. she's already added the boy's to her invite list hahaha!!! Hope to see Alex in a job this time next year :D

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

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