Contacting HMRC Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

Contacting HMRC shouldn’t be a struggle whatever the reason for needing to contact them. I have had so many issues contacting HMRC over the years and find it so frustrating. Whenever I know I have to call HMRC for whatever reason, I have a panic attack. Often I have to ask for the Mr to talk for me as I just can’t cope by the time we finally get through.

Contacting HMRC shouldn't be a struggle

I’ve blogged before about my struggles to claim ESA & PIP before, it is mentally draining from start to finish. It can be so difficult to get in touch with the correct HMRC department to start. Then trying to find out what is going on with claims or why payments are delayed can take hours of trying different numbers. I often struggled to get through to the correct department. It impacted my mental health terribly, contacting HMRC departments shouldn’t be such a struggle. It shouldn’t cause people to have breakdowns when they already need help.

Talk Tax is really helpful for finding the correct numbers along with lots of useful information to help with anything HMRC related. I wish I had found them sooner, they have so many useful guides available. From guides on benefit entitlements, tax returns, car tax costs and more, they have everything you need in one place. If only HMRC’s site was so well presented! 

Everyone has to contact HMRC for one reason or another, council tax, child benefits, universal credit etc. It really shouldn’t be such a struggle & I hope Talk Tax will be helpful to my readers too! I see people day in, day out, tweeting how they’ve been on hold for ages just to find they have to call yet another department yet Talk Tax makes it clear which number you need for applying, complaints & more.

Have you struggled with contacting HMRC?


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