The Importance of Car Maintenance & Servicing

Do you know the importance of car maintenance & servicing? It prevents terrible accidents happening which could easily be avoided with regular vehicle checks and tyre care.

The Importance of Car Maintenance & Servicing

Importance of Car Maintenance & Servicing

There are so many things that can go wrong with a vehicle and if unnoticed this can cause life-threatening accidents. You should always consult a professional who can do full vehicle checks to ensure your vehicle is fit for the road. Ensuring this is done regularly and before long trips can prevent accidents and costly repairs.

Why Car Tyre Safety Is Important

As the main point of contact on the road, tyres need to be kept in perfect condition to ensure safety on the road. Ensuring tyre health is up to standard helps to improves fuel economy and minimises carbon emissions. This reduces the cost of driving and helps the environment too! Illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres can cause serious road traffic accidents.

How To Ensure Car Tyre Safety

You can keep an eye out for warning signs that your tyre may be unsafe on the road, however, consulting an expert is always highly advised. Always buy tyres and have them checked by a  trusted professional. Buy tyres online at Jet Wheel Tyres.

Warning signs include:

  • An unsteady, rough drive
  • Lots of vibration
  • Cracks in the sidewall
  • Bulges or blisters on tyres
  • Low tread depth
  • Weird noises such as thumping, whining or squeaking
  • Aged tyres
  • Low/High Tyre Pressure

40% of road accidents are due to faulty tyres, this can be reduced if we are more proactive when it comes to car maintenance and servicing. 

Other Important Vehicle Checks

Always ensure lights are in fully working order before setting off. Check all fluids are topped up including fuel, coolant, brake fluid and oil. These small checks can save on costly repairs and breaking down on busy motorways. Keeping MOT tests up to date ensures your vehicle is checked for any issues you may not notice yourself.

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MOT Testing – Why Is It Important?

MOT testing is important when it comes to car care and passenger safety. October is fall car care month, as winter approaches it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is completely safe.

MOT Testing - Why Is It Important

Why is MOT Testing Important?

With the clocks going back in October the days are much darker often with adverse weather. The UK has had increasingly colder winters with more flooding & snow than recent years. Adverse weather can take it’s toll on your vehicle and may cause damage.

Ensuring your MOT is up to date can prevent a road accident. Putting off your MOT test could seriously impact yourself, your passengers and other road users. It’s always better to catch issues early on and have them fixed. 

MOT Testing

An MOT test is carried out by a  professional and should be done so yearly. This is required by law. The professional will need to check several things including:

  • Tyres 
  • Windscreen wipers and washers
  • Indicators
  • Brake lights
  • Exhaust system
  • The general condition of the body structure and chassis.

These are vital checks of the overall vehicle safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions of your vehicle. If any of these fail to meet the standards your vehicle will fail the MOT. To obtain an MOT certificate you will need to ensure any necessary works are carried out.

How To Book An MOT Test

There are several ways you can book an MOT test including online, by phone or in person. You can schedule your MOT test online today with Iverson Tyres from the comfort of your own home. The test takes 45 minutes to complete with Iverson Tyres. If the vehicle passes the inspection you will be issued an MOT certificate on the spot. If there are any issues Iverson Tyres can suggest the necessary work needed.

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Vehicle Safety Checklist

Having a vehicle safety checklist helps keep yourself, your passengers & other road users safe. Many accidents on the road are often caused by vehicles not being regularly checked over. Small problems can quickly lead to big problems if left unfixed. There are several things you can do to ensure your vehicle is in perfect condition.


Tyres are the most important part of any vehicle as they are the main point of contact with the road. 40% of road accidents are due to faulty tyres so ensure you check your tyres before each journey. Ensure regular repairs, maintenance and tyre fitting are carried out to avoid costly accidents. Always make sure you have your tyres fitted by a professional tyre fitting service. You can find an authentic tyre fitting service in Stirling available at Fife Autocentre, book now!

Vehicle safety

MOT Testing

MOT testing is an important part of owning a vehicle, they check your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. MOT tests check the brakes & fuel system, lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen wipers & the exhaust system. This ensures every aspect of your vehicle is safe to use.

Car Servicing

Servicing your vehicle before a long trip is important as it can help to avoid any major complications. Having someone experienced service your car is always the best. Issues can be costly and more so if left too long. If an issue were to cause an accident it would cost much more to replace your vehicle than to fix issues as soon as possible. If you are planning a long trip having your vehicle serviced is essential for yours and other road users safety.

It’s better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to owning a vehicle. Dangerous, costly accidents can easily be avoided by keeping a checklist and ensuring your vehicle is regularly maintained and tyres are fitted professionally.

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Vaping for Beginners: Tips and Ideas

Vaping is considered a better and much safer alternative to smoking. This is because vaping eliminates exposure to dozens of toxic compounds that come from the combustion of tobacco.

Vaping For Beginners

Only nicotine is delivered to the system hence giving you the satisfaction you need without putting your lungs and the respiratory system at risk. You also have a wide range of flavours at your disposal as well. Although a gratifying experience, many beginners struggle to adapt to vaping. This is mostly attributed to the fact that vaping is a lot different from smoking, and the user’s lack of knowledge on how to approach vaping. This article, however, outlines some of the basic ideas, tips, and tricks on how to start off your journey as a vaper.

Vaping For Beginners

1. Choose the Right Starter Kit: Don’t Go for the Cheapest Ones

The starter kit you opt for will define your experience as a first-time vaper. Although there are both cheap and expensive mods out there, the idea should be to buy the best quality starter kit you can afford. This however doesn’t mean you should break the bank for the starter kit, but instead do some research on the same before picking one.

A good quality starter pack should have a decent atomizer capable of producing a smooth vaping experience. Go for anything cheap, and you will probably find the vaporiser isn’t as efficient nor does it satisfy your needs. It would therefore be wise to invest in a good quality starter kit to make the journey exciting and enjoyable.

2. Consider Sub-ohming

Sub-ohming is very common with experience vapers. Although an enjoyable experience for experienced vapers, it isn’t entirely recommended for beginners. This practice involves massive airflow creating big, dense vapour that delivers a mouth-watering flavour. All this is thanks to organic coils that improve the vapour density.

One of the reasons newbie vapers should be careful with sub-ohming is that the vapour and flavour produced can be so dense causing you to choke in the process. If you’ve never experienced dense vapour before, it would be a wise idea to avoid it or have someone experienced show you how to do it. It only takes some bit of practice and experience to get used to the dense vapour.

3. E-Juice Maintenance

E-liquids are created differently. One therefore needs to consider several factors before going for a e-liquid. For instance, you need to understand the concentration percentage of both VG and PG, as well as nicotine concentration in the e-juice you opt for. It would also be advisable to shake the e-juice well before using it. This ensures the contents mix correctly thus guaranteeing an optimal experience.

E-juice also tends to degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. Consider storing your e-juice in an enclosed cabinet away from direct light. You also should ensure the bottle is tightly closed after use. Doing this helps preserve both the nicotine quality and flavour as well. Leaving the bottle open only causes the e-juice to lose flavour.

4. Manage the Batteries

Batteries are among the most important parts of the mod. Whether you chose the £20 or $250 mod, you need to ensure the cells are in their top condition when using the mod. Every manufacturer provides instructions detailing how the battery should be maintained, and its lifespan. As a rule of thumb, you should never allow the battery to discharge completely before recharging it. Be sure to connect it to its charger each time the low-battery indicator shows up. Be sure to disconnect it from the charger once charged overcharging only damages the battery.

If your mod uses 26650 battery packs, you then should ensure these aren’t overtasked. Overtasking these batteries cause them to become extremely hot. If the mod starts feeling warmer than it should, that is an indicator that something is wrong and should be checked immediately.

5. Always Stock Up

Always have the right e-liquid, a charged battery, and coils ready. You don’t want to run out of e-juice when you desperately need to vape. Having these ready and within reach can, therefore, help avoid a situation in the future. Among other risks, running out of e-juice, for example, can cause/tempt one to go for a cigarette pack just to quench the ‘thirst’.

6. Choosing the Right E-Juice

Determining the right e-juice to fit your needs and preferences can be a little intimidating even for an experienced vaper. Making the wrong choice on these can have a huge impact on your vaping experience. It would, therefore, be best if you try out several of them, or have the vendor help you find just the right one. This entails all elements are in the perfect proportions for an optimal vaping experience. You may have to try 3 or 4 combinations before identifying one that suits your needs.

E-liquids come in a variety of flavours ranging from food, tobacco blend, fruity, and other cocktails. The wide choice gives you the freedom to try different flavours, or even use these for separate occasions. Experts recommend trying out several flavours to determine your most preferred one.

Nicotine strength, or concentration, is another important factor you should consider before picking a starter pack. You can have the e-juice with varying nicotine concentrations depending on your needs. Light smokers can start with 6mg or lower of nicotine, with medium smokers going for 9mg or 16mg concentration of the same. Heavy smokers should, however, go for a much higher concentration, preferably 24mg – 36mg nicotine to ensure they get the satisfaction desired. Making the right pick or decision on nicotine strength and paring it with a preferred flavour holds the key to enjoying every bit of vaping.

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Contacting HMRC Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

Contacting HMRC shouldn’t be a struggle whatever the reason for needing to contact them. I have had so many issues contacting HMRC over the years and find it so frustrating. Whenever I know I have to call HMRC for whatever reason, I have a panic attack. Often I have to ask for the Mr to talk for me as I just can’t cope by the time we finally get through.

Contacting HMRC shouldn't be a struggle

I’ve blogged before about my struggles to claim ESA & PIP before, it is mentally draining from start to finish. It can be so difficult to get in touch with the correct HMRC department to start. Then trying to find out what is going on with claims or why payments are delayed can take hours of trying different numbers. I often struggled to get through to the correct department. It impacted my mental health terribly, contacting HMRC departments shouldn’t be such a struggle. It shouldn’t cause people to have breakdowns when they already need help.

Talk Tax is really helpful for finding the correct numbers along with lots of useful information to help with anything HMRC related. I wish I had found them sooner, they have so many useful guides available. From guides on benefit entitlements, tax returns, car tax costs and more, they have everything you need in one place. If only HMRC’s site was so well presented! 

Everyone has to contact HMRC for one reason or another, council tax, child benefits, universal credit etc. It really shouldn’t be such a struggle & I hope Talk Tax will be helpful to my readers too! I see people day in, day out, tweeting how they’ve been on hold for ages just to find they have to call yet another department yet Talk Tax makes it clear which number you need for applying, complaints & more.

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Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Car Tyres

Warning signs that you need to change your tyres are extremely important to look out for. Tyres are the most important aspect of a car and ignoring warning signs can cause serious problems.

Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Car Tyres

Why Healthy Tyres Are Important

Tyres are the only point of contact on the road and need to be kept in perfect condition to ensure safety whilst travelling. Ensuring tyre health improves fuel economy and minimises carbon emissions. It not only reduces the cost of driving but will help the environment too! Illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres can cause serious road traffic accidents. In 2016, 8 people were killed and 120 people seriously injured due to unsafe or damaged tyres.

Having seen the devastating results of damaged tyres myself, tyre safety is really important to me. As a child, I was in a few road accidents, including losing control in the snow due to poor tyre tread. We stopped inches from a tree and set of stairs down to an underpass and it was terrifying!

Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Car Tyres

There are a few warning signs you can look out for that will indicate you need to change your car tyres.

Warning signs include:

  • Your car feeling unsteady on the road and isn’t driving smoothly
  • Too much vibration may indicate an alignment or balancing issue
  • Lookout for cracks in the sidewall
  • Bulges or blisters on tyres
  • Low tread depth
  • Weird noises such as thumping, whining or squeaking
  • Aged tyres
  • Low/High Tyre Pressure

Importance Of Buying The Right Tyres

Contacting your local tyre centre can make buying tyres much easier. With expert advice from local tyre centres, you can save a lot of time and money. Finding new tyres can be difficult and you might want to continue using the old ones – which is not the right thing to do. So if you don’t want to expose yourself to any road safety risks you can buy car tyres online in Manchester (or any other locality where you live) from Point S.

What happens if you don’t go to an expert and ignore warning signs

Whilst you should keep an eye out for warning signs yourself, consulting a tyre expert is always the best option. Without regular checks, the quality of your tyres may suffer and lead to future tyre issues.

Over time the rubber in tyres degrades and may lead to a serious accident. Bald tyres are dangerous, especially on wet surfaces. Worn tyres should be replaced with a new equivalent well before the legal minimum tread limit. The minimum tread limit is 1.6mm but tyres should be replaced, as soon as they reach 3mm. It’s best to check your tyre tread regularly and consult an expert if you are unsure.
Car manufacturers set the type, make, size, profile, load carrying capacities and speed ratings of each car. You should only change the type of tyres on your vehicle based on expert advice to ensure your care is safe on the road.

Because tyre pressures vary, it’s always best to have an expert check the tyre pressure to avoid premature wear. Low pressure leaves the sidewall exposed as the tyre has to compensate to stabilise the car.

Any tyre issue should be checked over by an expert to ensure the safety of yourself, loved onesand other people on the road.

A Beginner’s Guide to E-Cigarettes

All about E-Cigarettes

At the most simplistic level, the electronic cigarette is an alternative delivery system for nicotine intake. According to research by the CDC, smoking traditional tobacco is responsible for approximately one of every five deaths in the UK. Unfortunately, the irony of the situation is that ingredients causing smoking-related conditions are not significant components in the cigarette. Smokers inhale, carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, arsenic, and large quantities of carcinogens all with the aim of gaining access to nicotine. This is why electronic cigarettes exist – to avoid placing yourself in danger to access nicotine.


What Is The Electronic Cigarette Or Smokeless Cigarette?

Rather than combusting tobacco leaves with the aim of producing thick, pungent smoke from traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette (also known as an e-cigarette or e-cig) utilizes pharmaceutical-grade nicotine heated to produce a type of vapour. This is not the same as smoking as you do not have smoke rising from the boiling liquid – nothing is burning, it is only heated. The e-cigarette performs the function with a nicotine-infused liquid, and because the ingredients in the liquid are controlled by the number of chemicals being consumed are reduced dramatically.

Electronic cigarettes are created to appear as cigarettes, but the majority of them a slightly thicker in size. On the majority of models, a person will find the ‘butt’ end screws onto a long part of the fake cigarette to create a realistic appearance. Some e-cigarette manufacturers place speckled effects on the ends of the item to make them appear like a traditional tobacco e-liquid flavour, as well as allowing the tip to light up when being inhaled similar to the ember of a standard cigarette.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Operate?

There are three separate components to an electronic cigarette. The batter is typically a lithium ion and this is the longer portion of the electronic cigarette. There are two pieces involved in the screw-on cartridge known as the e-liquid and the atomizer. The atomizer may seem complicated, but it is purely a miniscule heater utilized to heat the nicotine-containing liquid into a consumable vapour. The procedure is relatively straightforward as the concentrated heat supplies energy to the e-liquid allowing atoms to bond and form a smoke-like vapour. The battery drives the atomizer and will be activated when the consumer inhales via the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece.

The e-liquid utilized is typically a combination of different ingredients. The first ingredient is nicotine which is considered a safe drug by London’s Royal College of Physicians, the propylene which is utilized in asthma inhalers.

What Are The Different Advantages Of Electronic Cigarettes?

From the electronic cigarette user’s perspective, they can screw the cartridge into the battery inhaling on the end of the item similar to a traditional cigarette. The only difference between a standard and electronic cigarette is that there is no smoke, which means there will be no burning, smell or ash. Nothing other than the nicotine and flavourings to make the e-cigarette to make it taste pleasant are similar. Tar, carcinogens, infirmity, and disease are no longer concerns when consuming nicotine via an electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette has been developed to reduce the harm caused by traditional cigarettes. Evidence has shown that tobacco is responsible for many deaths and by switching to electronic cigarettes the smokers could still receive the sensation of nicotine without any of the risks. The benefits of electronic cigarettes can be seen here.

How Do You Begin Using Electronic Cigarettes?

If you are prepared to utilize electronic cigarettes and move away from traditional tobacco options, then review the latest expert e-cigarette reviews available. By perusing these reviews you will be able to locate the most suitable electronic cigarette brand on the market. If you are unsure whether e-cigarettes are suitable for you, then it may be best, to begin with, a disposable electronic cigarette option. These options do not cost much more than standard starter kits and would be good starting options.

How To Store Antique Silverware For Safekeeping

Do you know how to store antique silverware for safekeeping? If you’re fortunate enough to own antique silverware, no doubt you will want to keep it’s appeal, value & beauty for as long as possible. Antique silver is a fantastic addition to any home! Silverware adds a touch of elegance, luxury & character. This beautiful metal can be tricky to maintain and safeguard unless properly stored though.

How To Store Antique Silverware For Safekeeping

How To Store Antique Silverware For Safekeeping

This guide will help you store antique silverware items, keeping them in excellent condition for years to come. This includes which containers help prevent damage that accelerates the tarnishing process.

What Harms Antique Silverware?

Silver is a stubbornly difficult metal to protect and maintain. It reacts with a multitude of chemicals located in air, food & water. Silver that has been unprotected or polished will form a yellowish colour (light tarnishing) or black film (heavy tarnishing). The chemical term for tarnishing is Silver Sulphide. Whilst it isn’t difficult to remove tarnishing, it won’t wash off with water & soap. It’s worth taking time to protect your silver during storage to avoid the need for frequent cleaning.

Silver tarnishes much quicker when damp, according to the Victoria and Albert Museum. This shows that airtight containers & maintaining adequate levels of humidity are key to preserving your antique silverware. It is best to avoid putting silverware in a damp cellar or stuffy attic. To safely store antique silverware, it is best to use an airtight container in a place that is safe from oxygen and external pollutants that cause the production of silver sulphide. Opting for a cool protected place such a sideboard or drawer in a spare room, away from windows would be ideal.

Unfortunately, it’s not just external influences that can harm your silverware! Pieces of silverware can damage each other if not stored properly and come into contact with each other.. Pure silver is soft meaning it can easily scratch & dent each other if not kept apart whilst stored.

Storage Options For Antique Silverware

According to English Heritages’ Guidelines for the Storage and Display of Archaeological Metalwork, you should look for a silverware container made from materials that don’t give off sulphur pollutants.

Safe storage solutions to prevent damage & tarnishing:

  • Acid-free tissue paper & sealed polythene bags – Squeeze air out before sealing & add silica gel to absorb any excess moisture.
  • Airtight chests of boxes – Able to keep humid air & oxygen out. This can take up a lot of space. Double check container materials first. Containers made from harmful materials will trap the problem inside with your silverware.
  • Anti-tarnish bags – These are available in a range of sizes and ideal for smaller pieces of silverware. Avoid plastic bags which trap moisture and expedite the tarnishing process.
  • Cloth Rolls – Compact way to safely store silverware individually, especially cutlery. This method does leave silver exposed to air and you must make sure the fabric used isn’t harmful to silver.

Remember, each piece of silverware must be kept apart to prevent them scratching each other. This means getting a storage box with separate shelves & grooves to keep cutlery isolated or using individual bags, cloth rolls and tissue paper for each piece of silver & placing these slightly apart in their storage container. Make sure not to stack them on top of each other.

Displaying Antique Silverware

The recommendations above aren’t your only options, displaying your silverware is also an option if you prefer. There are some stunningly beautiful glass-doored display cabinets available for storing silverware, adding to the enjoyment of antique silverware and it’s ornamental characteristic.

Items such as silica gels, chalk and anti-tarnish strips can also help decrease humidity & absorb harmful gases that react with silver. There is also a microcrystalline wax polish, ideal for using on your displayed silverware items to protect them from humidity, dust and pollutants. Precious items stored in places such as the British Museum and Tower of London also use this type of was to help preserve important artefacts!

What To Avoid When Storing Silverware

Guidelines for Storage and Display of Archaeological Metalwork also claims the following materials can adversely affect your silver and you should avoid using them for storage:

  • Wool
  • Rubber (i.e rubber bands)
  • Leather
  • Felt/baize
  • Anything polysulfide-based or containing pyrite and rubber.
  • Stained or treated wood

The chemicals found in treated wood can harm silver and speed up the tarnishing process, whilst ink in newspapers can corrode silver. Using anti-tarnish bags, acid-free tissue and untreated wood coated with anti-tarnish lacquer will help avoid this.

Hopefully, these tips have provided solid advice on storing antique silverware and protecting it from damage and tarnishing. Start with deciding whether to store or display your silverware then take steps from there to ensure your precious items maintain their beauty and value.

Did you know how to store antique silver? Did you find these tips useful?


Try 4 Maintenance Tips To Stay Safe

Try 4 Maintenance tips to stay safe on the road with the awful weather we’ve been having. When the weather changes it is important your car is well maintained and in perfect working condition. If you plan to make even a short journey you really should consider these 4 maintenance tips to stay safe.

4 maintenance tips

4 Maintenance Tips

Keep Fluids Topped Up

Always check fluids are kept topped up to keep your car healthy. Checking you have enough oil, coolant, brake fluid & fuel before journeys can help to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Check Tyres

Check Tyre’s before journeys to ensure tyre pressures and tread depth are at the correct levels. If you are unsure then check your owner manual. As a child, our car lost control in the snow due to extreme wear on the tyres. The tyres couldn’t grip the icy roads and spun out of control narrowly avoiding a tree. It’s a good idea to check for slow punctures and anything that may have got stuck in them during previous journeys.

Check Lights

Make sure you check your headlights, brake lights & indicators are in fully working condition before setting off. Without these you can’t warn other road users or pedestrians of your movements on the road. This puts you and others at high risk of a fatal accident that can be easily avoided with a replacement bulb.

Servicing Before A Long Trip

Servicing your car before a long trip can help to avoid any major complications. Having someone experienced service your car is always best when it comes to road safety. There are plenty of car servicing businesses available and different ways to book your car in. Car servicing in Wakefield can be booked online from Ossett Tyre House.

Do you regularly check any of these before your journey?

Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

Updating your kitchen on a budget? We have done the same and have some helpful tips to get you started. Following our kitchen, bathroom and toilet refit I decided to change the colour scheme to purple, of course! I was worried when we started as I didn’t really think updating your kitchen on a tight budget was possible. Luckily there are some fab deals around!

Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

You may remember I managed to get a purple microwave, toaster and kettle all for a reduced price as I waited for a deal. I snapped them up as soon as the price dropped and was really pleased with myself. These items can really help you work out the rest of your kitchen too. They don’t have to be overly expensive to look nice or do the job either. I picked up all 3 appliances for just £60!



There are some great microwave deals out there as well as kettles, toasters and more. Once you have your small appliances and main colour scheme you can easily find items to match if you shop around. I chose mostly purples for my kitchen with powdered lilac walls and deep purple appliances to match. With the black worktops and light wooden drawers & cupboards, it keeps our kitchen looking and feeling clean and fresh!

Updating your kitchen on a budget is more than possible with so many great deals around. I managed to find a lovely dishwasher for less than £200 in silver which goes really well with the colour scheme we went with. I would never have been able to decide what colour for our main appliances if I hadn’t found the purple microwave first!

Our appliances were all mixed colours until we began updating our kitchen. We replaced our washing machine that broke with a lovely silver one too and already had a silver fridge freezer. We are looking at eventually replacing our oven with a silver one too and will be on the hunt for deals for that too!

Are you updating your kitchen on a budget?