Crafty Bargain

I managed to escape alone the other day into town which gave me a chance to actually have a little look around and find a crafty bargain instead of just grabbing what I knew I needed and heading home.

One of the Local Shops Poundcity has sooo many things for sale but I rarely take a proper look around when I pop in to grab myself a ‘Lentless & the Mr a Redbull so I took a wander around to see if there were any bargains I could pick up.

I came across a pack of coloured plastic crochet hooks in various sizes which I instantly picked up and had to buy as I currently only own one metal crochet hook because I am a bit tight and dont really like buying things like this unless I specifically need them but at £1 I could say no plus I am at least attempting to learn crochet & to top it all.. Yup there’s a PURPLE one!!!

crafty bargain

I came home feeling great & joked with the Mr & his friend that I actually bought something for myself for a change and not the girls, something the Mr is always nagging me to do haha!

I have previously bought a pack of plastic knitting needles for £1 in this shop, they are quite thin but they do the job & as I love trying to teach friends & their children how to knit I dont mind giving them away & I find them a lot safer & gentler for children to use too & have bought several packs already.

As you can see.. I’m down a few pairs again already 😂

I love little bargains like this they really make my day! Have you picked up any Crafty bargains lately? Or any Bargains at all?


    Ooh I am just thinking about learning to crochet! No pound city here but might check out the other pound shops and see if I strike it lucky. That way if I'm useless at it I've only wasted £1!

    Jules | 8 years ago Reply

      Definitely do look for some! If it helps it was with their sewing kits rather than wool. Definiftely worth £1 :)

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    In our local Poundworld they sell packs of embroidery thread guessed it...£1. I can't remember how many are in a pack but it must be at least 16 and they've got a few different packs to choose from. I used to pay 90p for one thread!

    Clarty Hands | 8 years ago Reply

      It does impress me sometimes the stuff you can find in poundshops and bargain shops, sometimes the quality is just as good as the expensive stuff too!

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

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