Stylish Chairs For The Home From Sue Ryder

Looking for stylish chairs for the home? Sue Ryder’s Online shop has some brand new and exclusive products, adding a touch of elegance to your home. In line with the latest interior trends, Sue Ryder’s Online Shop has launched a range of stylish chairs. With the aim of giving you a luxurious look for less!

Sue Ryder 

Most people know Sue Ryder for the fantastic work they do and because of their high street stores. However, not many know about their fabulous Online Shop which is a gem for brand new and most importantly, affordable homewares. Most importantly, 100% of the profits are donated to help provide person-centred hospice and neurological care.

Besides offering express delivery and safe and secure payments, Sue Ryder’s dedicated online shop offers free delivery over £50, a 30-day money back guarantee and a dedicated Customer Services Team.

Stylish Chairs

Velvet Button Back Tub Chair – Purple/Grey

Stylish velvet button back tub chairs

Obviously, the first product that jumped out at me was the Purple Velvet Button Back Tub Chair for £99.99. This chair would look great in any living room or bedroom and also comes in Grey which is my second favourite colour! The velvet gives off a luxurious, unique, vibrant feel.

Pretty Pink Vanity Stool

A pretty pink chenille vanity stool with black legs will make a statement in any dressing room or bedroom, especially for just £39.99. Adding a touch of elegance and character, this stunning vanity stool will instantly create a focal point and a perfect extra added comfort.

Velvet Oyster Occasional Chair Collection

Stylish Chairs For The Home From Sue Ryder

Another stunning chair is this Velvet Oyster Occasional Chair for £79.99. A touch of luxury, style and sophistication along with much-needed comfort, these chairs are available in 4 colours. These stylish chairs with a scallop fluted back are the perfect addition to any room in the home. Available in Purple, Pink, Navy & Grey, there’s a chair for any colour scheme too.

Grey Velvet Oyster Chair

Not only can you add a touch of elegance and character to any room of your home at a reasonable price with homewares from the Sue Ryder Online Shop, but you also support those in need from the donations. Founded in 1953, Sue Ryder is a national health and social care charity providing compassionate hospice and neurological care across the UK.

Sue Ryder provides care across 7 hospices; 5 neurological care centres; community-based services and in people’s own homes.

They offer a range of personalised care, advice, education and support services in local communities to help improve the lives of individuals. These services include support for carers and families – with conditions such as cancer; heart failure; respiratory failure; dementia; acquired brain injury; multiple sclerosis; Huntington’s disease; Parkinson’s disease and Motor Neurone disease.

7 Websites Where You Can Get Free Product Samples

There is nothing worse than a website that offers you something for free but makes you fill out pages and pages of surveys in order to get your small and supposedly free sample. Even worse than this, is the fact that you do not always get the promised freebie. These sites often turn out to be scams used to harvest your information which is sold to advertisers. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can free things without any strings attached.

7 Websites Where You Can Get Free Product Samples

7 Websites where you can get Free Product Samples

You can request samples directly from stores which offer them like John Lewis and House of Fraser. You can also go through some sites that offer freebies in exchange for completing surveys. There are also a number of product testing programmes that you can join. Then there are the websites which offer you freebies without any strings or conditions and these are the ones that you will be the most interested in.

WOW FreeStuff

A website that needs a lot more appreciation is WOW Free Stuff. This website is a treasure chest of information about getting product samples from any type of company. What is great about this website is the fact that you are not bored to death by long posts that explain how great it is to get an item for free.

When you click on the images on the website, you will be taken straight to the manufacturer’s page. There you will have to fill out a form which will get your free sample shipped to you. The website is categorised very neatly and you will easily be able to find samples that you need whether it is for your pet, your child or yourself.

Woman Freebies

Another freebie website that is not that well known is Woman Freebies, but it does have a very loyal following. They have a wide range of samples and freebies from beauty samples to health samples. One of the best things about this website is the fact that they have a daily sweepstake which you can enter for free and you stand the chance of winning cash and other amazing prizes.


You might have seen people talking about Freeflys on TV. This website has been featured on a number of mornings and talk shows recently including the Today Show. When you use this website, you can easily find the freebie or sample that you want with their search function. This will save you time because you do not have to weed through all of the useless coupons and promotions that you do not want.

Sample A Day

If you want to get free samples with no surveys or catch, Sample A Day is your best option. This is not a traditional freebie website. The website is a curation of all the samples and freebies available online and works like a database. You will have to enter a search term such as perfume samples and the website will provide you with links to other sites that offer these freebies.

Free Stuff Times

The best thing about Free Stuff Times is that they provide you with information about full-size freebies and not only samples. This is a site that you need to bookmark and check because full-size is always better. Make sure that you come back regularly to check for new freebies.

Hey It’s Free

There is a lot of stuff available on Hey It’s Free. However, the best part of this website is that you can easily find everything due to the organisation strategy that is being used. You will be able to browse different categories or use the search function to find the freebie that you want.

Getting free samples is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is know where you should be looking. There are a lot of sites that offer samples and freebies without any strings attached.

4 Ways To Save Money On Your Mother’s Day Bouquet

4 Ways To Save Money On Your Mother’s Day Bouquet

 Mother’s Day is not far behind Valentine’s Day. If you bought gifts for the holidays and for Valentine’s Day, you might not have a lot of cash left by the time Mother’s Day comes. This doesn’t mean you can’t treat your mother to something special on this holiday. Mother’s Day is the occasion to give something back to your mother for everything she does for you. A fresh bouquet of flowers might not seem like much, but your mother will appreciate this gesture. Purchasing flowers can seem difficult if you are on a tight budget. You can find florist flowers at an affordable cost if you know how to shop. These tips will help you find flowers for Mother’s Day without having to spend a lot.


mother's day bouquet


Choose Seasonal Blooms

Flowers are usually more affordable when they are in season. Not all flowers bloom at the same time of the year, which is why prices vary. Flowers that are not in season will be more expensive because they have to be imported or grown in an artificial environment. Flowers that are in season can be grown in a less expensive manner. You should find out which flowers are in season in your area around Mother’s Day to get a better idea of what will be affordable. Do some research before going to the florist. If you want to order flowers online, the website of the florist you decide to use might have a section with seasonal flowers. If you decide to visit a local store, put together a list of seasonal blooms so you know which options will be more affordable. Some florist have a special section on their website or in their store for Mother’s Day which makes it easy to compare your options.

Consider A Smaller Bouquet

There is no need to go all out for your Mother’s Day bouquet. A simpler choice can be more elegant and your mother will appreciate that you thought of getting her something on this special day. Getting the larger bouquet you can find is not necessarily a good choice. You can make your mother happy by choosing flowers or colors she will like. Besides, a smaller bouquet is more practical if your mother doesn’t have a lot of space to display the flowers. Don’t overspend to get a large arrangement that will take too much space in your mother’s home.

Order Flowers Online

Ordering flowers online can be a good way to have more options to choose from. You might be used to shopping at a local florist but this could be an opportunity to try other options. You should explore your different options by visiting different local florists and browse different websites to compare prices. You might be able to find coupons and discounts by shopping around. Shopping online is a convenient way to compare your options and to find good prices for Mother’s Day flowers. You can easily do some research online whenever you have some free time or when you get home from work, we do recommend sites like WOW FreeStuff UK, who are offering £10 off Mother’s day flowers at Next.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

You should start shopping for your Mother’s Day gift in advance. You will have enough time to do some research and to compare prices. You should save links to different florists or websites so you can easily review your options. Take the time to compare the different bouquets you have found, ask yourself which ones are in your price range.

Christmas Bargains & Lies

Ugh Christmas bargains.. I love them.. OK.. I admit it.. I’m a liar. I said NO TOYS this Christmas after getting halfway through writing a post on why I’m not buying toys this christmas.. and what did I do? That’s right I acted like a child myself when the Mr spotted this Wilko Wooden Pirate Ship reduced from £15 to £5!!!!! Well now..

Christmas Bargains - Wilko Pirate Ship

At that price and being the last one on the shelf, I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to play with it I cant wait to see Izzy play with it.. Especially as she is a huge pirate fan just like her Mummy! 😉

On to the next Aisle and I spotted the Wilko Wooden Peg Story kits reduced to 50p each!! So of course I had to grab one of each… Realising I had officially started Christmas shopping!

I had that ‘I’ve started so I’ll continue’ moment and picked up two £1 Shopkin Activity Kit’s as we’ve bought a few. As there’s always at least 2 of the activities inside the girls love to do them together. Not exactly a bargain as all these activity packs cost £1 in most places but still well worth it. (Again I lied, as I had previously told Eva NO SHOPKINS THIS CHRISTMAS!)

I have to admit although I totally lied to myself about not buying toys this year, I am pretty pleased that for a grand total of £8.50 I am up to 6 presents already! Ah I do love Christmas bargains!

I may have talked myself into believing I technically only bought 1 toy as the rest are ‘craft kits’ but I’m hoping we don’t end up buying too many toys. In all honesty though with Wilko amongst other’s reducing things like this and me still being a bit of a child at times, I can see it being a struggle, haha!

Perhaps I’ll just stick to non character toys?.. Or maybe I’ll fail miserably, get carried away myself & end up picking up toys for the next 10 or so years lol! (When do children stop wanting toys?) Keep an eye out for future posts & fails 😉

Have you started Christmas shopping? Have you found any awesome bargains yet? I’d love to hear and see what bargains you’ve found so far!

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday



August MS515B Bluetooth Speaker Review

You may have spotted my post offering a one day only early Christmas deal with a 40% discount on a set of August MS515B Bluetooth Speakers. Sold on Amazon for £29.95.

For sharing August Lab’s early Christmas deal I was given an awesome discount on the bluetooth speaker myself & ordered them first thing Thursday morning when the discount codes went live.

Friday morning we received our email letting us know our parcel was being delivered later that day!

This made me pretty excited as A) I LOVE opening parcels 😂😂 & B) I love listening to music! Especially when cleaning & these can easily be moved around room to room without disturbing the music!

Our parcel arrived around about 4.30pm and we quickly got the box opened up to have a look inside.

August Bluetooth Speaker

I checked the manual and got them plugged in to charge up & was really impressed by how easy they are to set up. They come with a USB lead with a split lead to charge both speakers at the same time. The speakers connect by a lead included in the box. They also have an AV in lead so you can plug them in to devices without bluetooth. So you can literally use them with anything!

I quickly got my phone connected via bluetooth to test them out and was amazed by the sound quality. They are pretty loud too! For small speakers they really do have some power. Anything with bass (when up loud) makes them jump across the side a little which really amused Eva.

We had them set up in the kitchen and the sound filled the room & we all ended up dancing in the kitchen whilst I cleaned & the Mr cooked for the girls. 

The Mr loves music too and has play-lists saved on his youtube. He eventually got bored of typing in each song on my phone. He decided to connect his phone to the speakers instead and took over with his play-lists for a good hour.

We are seriously impressed with the quality of the bluetooth speakers. Especially for only £29.95 (Unless you used my discount code 😉 ) delivered the next day even though we chose the free delivery option!

I can see these becoming one of our new favourite toys. As Eva has seen them I cant give them to her as a present. Instead I have said we can all share them.  I can see the girls using them in our room and me using them around the flat when cleaning to save having the sound system on which we currently have no remote for & have the bass up high which can be a bit much at times! 🙈🙊

I love that the girls can connect using the Tablet as well as us using our phones & pc/laptop and as they are rechargeable we can take them anywhere. I’ve yet to find a problem with them. I like that I can skip forwards and back a track using the button on the back of the main speaker.

*This is a sponsored post & I received a large discount on the speakers in return for sharing the 40% off discount post and an honest review.

 August MS515 Bluetooth Speaker – One Day Only Early Christmas Discount!

As my readers will know I’m already planning ahead for christmas & with less than 17 weeks to go I’m on the hunt for awesome bargains and discounts to go under our tree.

As I mentioned before I’m thinking about getting Izzy a Tablet for Christmas as she loves Eva’s & was struggling to think of a present for Eva but then I came across an offer* from @August_Lab for a set of August MS515 Bluetooth Speakers & knew she would love them for playing music in her room from her tablet.


I know a lot of my readers love technology and also love a good bargain so if you want to get yourself an early christmas bargain with 40% off these August MS515 Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon (currently £29.45) Just click the link & enter your email and your coupon code will be emailed to you on September the 8th for a one day only special christmas deal!

Not sure if these are the bluetooth speakers for you? I’ll be writing up a review on these myself so check back soon to read what I think.

*This is a sponsored post in return for a discount on the product mentioned.

Another Crafty Bargain

I shared with you all my Crafty Bargain before but completely forgot to metion another crafty bargain in the same shop in Grays highstreet, PoundCity.

I was really impressed when I spotted these and noticed that they were different sizes to what I already had so definitely had to be bought, I bought my brother a set too as I am trying to teach him to crochet as he already know’s how to knit.

Have you found any crafty bargains recently? Or starting/completing a project? Don’t forget to share them with me & leave a link in comments 🙂

Crafty Bargain

I managed to escape alone the other day into town which gave me a chance to actually have a little look around and find a crafty bargain instead of just grabbing what I knew I needed and heading home.

One of the Local Shops Poundcity has sooo many things for sale but I rarely take a proper look around when I pop in to grab myself a ‘Lentless & the Mr a Redbull so I took a wander around to see if there were any bargains I could pick up.

I came across a pack of coloured plastic crochet hooks in various sizes which I instantly picked up and had to buy as I currently only own one metal crochet hook because I am a bit tight and dont really like buying things like this unless I specifically need them but at £1 I could say no plus I am at least attempting to learn crochet & to top it all.. Yup there’s a PURPLE one!!!

crafty bargain

I came home feeling great & joked with the Mr & his friend that I actually bought something for myself for a change and not the girls, something the Mr is always nagging me to do haha!

I have previously bought a pack of plastic knitting needles for £1 in this shop, they are quite thin but they do the job & as I love trying to teach friends & their children how to knit I dont mind giving them away & I find them a lot safer & gentler for children to use too & have bought several packs already.

As you can see.. I’m down a few pairs again already 😂

I love little bargains like this they really make my day! Have you picked up any Crafty bargains lately? Or any Bargains at all?