Crochet Wishlist On Amazon 2018

My Crochet wishlist on Amazon* is growing for 2018 even though I managed to grab a few goodies already this year! I managed to tick off a few tools like stitch markers, a range of hooks and stitch counters. My wool/yarn collection is growing even more too after the Mr bought me some Aran yarn & a yarn cake.

Crochet Wishlist On Amazon 2018

I mentioned last year in My Ever-Growing Yarn Wishlist several Carron Cakes I had my eye on and I have been keeping an eye out for sales with no luck. The Mr found a So Crafty Yarn cake in Aldi this week though and grabbed the last one knowing I love the different yarn cakes available.

As you can see the Mr also got me a few other goodies, helping me create an even more comfortable, calming, crochet corner!

Crochet Wishlist

This little haul made me really smile and now I look forward to resting when I need to instead of feeling guilty. Of course, this has also spurred me on to hunt for even more gorgeous crochet goodies to busy myself with when I need to rest. From crochet tools, yarns and more my wishlist right now is quite extensive!

Crochet Tools

Any crocheter will need a lovely pair of scissors to snip yarn at times, why not a lovely vintage pair?


Yes, I know, I haven’t even bought the ones on my last wish list… yet! But here are a few more I am currently in love with anyway including this huge yarn cake that would be perfect for using on a project for Eva.

I also really love this yarn, it would be great for a scarf tying in my favourite colours.


This stunning collection has some fab shades including purple haze which is stunning, as is ocean but this one, in particular, keeps catching my eye. It would make a lovely cardigan!

This gorgeous sock yarn is also on my crochet wish list this year as I am determined to crochet a pair of socks!

Mugs & Coasters

Every crocheter needs a mug & coaster, even with my obsessive purple mug collecting I have yet to buy a related mug or coaster! Shocking! Amazon has some quite amusing mugs like this one below. It made me giggle as last year crocheting helped me travel without feeling overly anxious.

This mug is so true, crocheting helps me unwind and really is my happy place! Of course, if you get the mug you have too, especially being purple

That also makes this next mug on my crochet wishlist pretty true too. I have to admit it has helped me keep calm in situations where I normally struggle haha!


Anyone that follows me on tweeter will regularly see me complain I am cold so of course a jumper or hoody had to be included. I am lacking after a clear out after all…

I love both of these hoodies, I just wish they came in purple!


As someone with a slight stationary obsession, of course, I had to find a notebook to note down any stitches or perhaps if I ever learn to write a pattern. I love this one and is top of my stationary crochet wishlist.


Burnished Chaos

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 August MS515 Bluetooth Speaker РOne Day Only Early Christmas Discount!

As my readers will know I’m already planning ahead for christmas & with less than 17 weeks to go I’m on the hunt for awesome bargains and discounts to go under our tree.

As I mentioned before I’m thinking about getting Izzy a Tablet for Christmas as she loves Eva’s & was struggling to think of a present for Eva but then I came across an offer* from¬†@August_Lab¬†for a¬†set of¬†August MS515 Bluetooth Speakers¬†& knew she would¬†love them for playing music in her room from her tablet.


I know a lot of my readers love technology and also love a good bargain so if you want to get yourself an early christmas bargain with 40% off these August MS515 Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon (currently £29.45) Just click the link & enter your email and your coupon code will be emailed to you on September the 8th for a one day only special christmas deal!

Not sure if these are the bluetooth speakers for you? I’ll be writing up a review on these myself so check back soon to read what I think.

*This is a sponsored post in return for a discount on the product mentioned.

Zeta Citi Stroller Review

Earlier this year I began looking for a new stroller for my 16 month old daughter (Izzy). Ideally I wanted something light weight with an umbrella fold that could be put away in a cupboard if we needed hallway space as we live in a flat.

I wasn’t happy with the stroller i had for tons of reasons and my main one being Izzy just wasn’t comfortable or happy in it which made going out stressful , so I started googling purple strollers, prams buggy’s etc in the hope of finding something comfortable for the little one and easy to push that i could fit a few bits underneath, could handle a few bags of shopping on the handles too and purple.. Of course!

I spent months researching different strollers but i found most were well out of our budget even second hand. I wanted something around the ¬£60 mark whether new or used. Preferably in purple. I spent a good few months googling purple strollers/buggy’s/prams/pushchairs.

I came across the Zeta citi stroller on Amazon. I had seen one or two go past in town and loved the extended hood. Sunlight in Izzy’s eyes make a quick trip to town seem like a very longggg trip to hell and back.

Zeta citi stroller review

That pretty much sold it to me but the fact it came in purple! Amazing! I decided to give it a go as the price wasn’t bad at all at ¬£29.95 & ¬£10.59 delivery. I showed Izzy and she shook her head.. And pointed to the RED one!! :'( Of course I tried bribery but after a few tantrums (from me) I gave in and agreed she could have the red one.

I opted to buy the stroller without a rain cover as I already had a universal one ill blog about later. I did choose to add on the black & red foot muff for ¬£7.95 from the same seller so I only paid one delivery fee, still under my limit of ¬£60! At least there was a win for me even if it wasn’t purple.

When it arrived we pulled it out of the box, popped the front wheels on and put it up with ease. Izzy instantly went crazy and tried climbing in. She was over the moon bless her!

Izzy climbing in
Izzy loves climbing in by herself

Straight away the frame seemed much sturdier than the hauck stroller we had been using. The seat was deeper making it easier to get her strapped in without me having to wedge my knee between her legs whether the foot rest is up or down.

The seat reclines fully and easily by pushing down the two levers either side underneath the seat and can be adjusted to several angles, the foot rest adjusts too by 2 little levers underneath, meaning no matter how fussy Izzy is being I can move it around until she’s comfortable enough to stop moaning loudly.

Our previous stroller had a drawstring to adjust the recline which isn’t easy to do if you have a ton of shopping and a child screaming at you. Now I can adjust the seat quickly and easily, the adjustments are smooth meaning she doesn’t notice if I lay her back when she falls asleep upright.

One thing my Mr does find annoying is that when the seat is fully reclined you cant get into the shopping basket underneath without popping the seat back up which for some children is likely to wake them, for me its not an issue as Izzy doesn’t notice if she is asleep but I can see his point and know a few people whose little ones wouldn’t tolerate it at all.

Asleep within minutes of getting in

As I mentioned the main reason I was drawn to this stroller was the extending hood which has been extremely handy and one thing I hadn’t noticed on Amazon was that there is a small clear window across the hood allowing you to keep an eye on your little one even though they are world facing. Its the perfect position for me to see Izzy, however my Mr finds it a struggle and he says it would be better if the window was moved up the hood by an inch or so.

Being a shorty at just over 5ft and having a partner who is a good few inches taller we needed handles that weren’t too short making the Mr bend as he pushes and not too high for me, again I absolutely love the height of the handles personally but again the Mr would prefer them to be an inch or so higher and tilted back ever so slightly.

We attached the foot muff to check how it fits the stroller and Izzy as it is a universal foot muff. We found it fits lovely and comes right up to Izzy’s chest meaning on a cold windy day with her foot muff right the way up and the hood right the way down I can keep the majority of the wind and cold away from her without needing to put her rain cover over and making her moody. Since its got colder we are using the foot muff regularly and found it is soft and warm for Izzy and much better than our previous one.

Spot the baby!

We bought the Zeta citi stroller back in September and we’ve put it through its paces over the last 2 months doing shopping & school runs in all kinds of weather and overall I am very pleased with it. The Mr obviously would prefer a few changes because he is taller than me but for us short mums that just want something lightweight, easy to store for nipping around town in that can handle a few bags of shopping on the handles then its almost the perfect stroller. If only I had been allowed to order it in purple…

Survey sites, do they really pay?

A lot of people that know me know I use survey sites as well as write product reviews and constantly ask me how to get started and how they all work, so here’s a few Q&A’s. Check out my latest post on Survey sites here too.

Survey sites

Survey Sites do they really pay?

Q. Do they really pay out?

A. Yes. If you are actually willing to put the effort in. Come on people you cant expect a miracle, if you’re not the type of person that can sit at a computer for hours on end asking similar questions properly then just don’t even bother setting up accounts, to earn you have to be dedicated.

Q. How long does it take to earn my payout?

A. This one I cant give a time frame for as it all comes down to the individual site, survey frequencies, and time put in completing surveys. Some sites can build up in weeks others literally will take you years.

Q. How do these sites payout?

A. Some pay via BAC’s, bank transfer, Paypal, Amazon credit, High street vouchers & gifts.


Q. Which sites are best?

A. Each site is unique so it all depends what your interested in sharing your opinions on, how regularly you want to be doing surveys, and what rewards you would prefer.

Q.How long does it take to receive my rewards?

A. Some sites are instant others can take up to 6 weeks, I have noted on each listing below how quickly they payout.

Most survey sites will give you free prize draw entries on completion of surveys, some you can use your points towards more entries too.

Here is a list of survey sites I find the best for me.

  1. YourSayPays РAnother good site to check daily! This site is the simplest one out of them all. You are paid anywhere from 5p per survey and can redeem once you reach £20 via PayPal or Amazon vouchers. I rarely receive emails from this site but log on daily and usually have at least 1/2 surveys a day to fill out. I average a £20 payout every 4-6 months. Up to 30 days to receive payouts.
  2. OnePoll РThis site is similar to YourSayPays and is well worth checking daily. The payout threshold is £40 paid via BACS or paypal. It can take anywhere from 6-12months to build up depending on how regularly you check the site. Payouts can take up to 28 days.
  3. I-Say – This site regularly has surveys and if kept on top of you can easily earn the 1380 points (¬£10) every 2-3months. This site pays out via vouchers (Compliments, Amazon, John lewis & Leisure). Amazon vouchers are received via email & the others are posted out. This site gives from 5-25 points even if you don’t qualify for a survey. Takes up-to 4 weeks to receive vouchers.
  4. Univox Community – This site I’ve been signed up to for a while but forgot about it until recently, in the 2months I have been checking daily for surveys I have reached the $25 Amazon payout (¬£16.05). Most surveys I dont get through however the 5 points you get per survey you are disqualified from soon builds up! With the addition of the univox community forum & polls you have an even better chance of reaching your threshold sooner! Payouts can take up to 30 days to process.
  5. GlobalTestMarket РThis site always has surveys available however I get through on very few yet still manage to get a payout once every 3-4 months. This site is great however the minimum requirement to redeem your points is 1000. This site pays out in a huge variety of ways including Paypal, Amazon, Nectar, Itunes, Boots, and many MANY more! I tend to go for Paypal (544 points x 2 to redeem = £30!). Physical merchandise and paper vouchers will generally be delivered to winners’ doors within 4-6 weeks from order date, unless otherwise specified in the Rewards Zone. Truck-shipped and speciality items are generally delivered within 6-8 weeks from order date, unless otherwise specified in the Rewards Zone.
  6. MySurvey РGlobalTestMarket sister site, this site works in a similar way however unlike global where you need 1000 points and have to order over 1000 points worth each time this site allows you to redeem your points as soon as you reach your target. Again this site like its sister site pays out in a huge variety of ways including paypal & Amazon from as little as £3 paypal.
  7. Vivatic РThis site allows you to earn cash doing a variety of things including surveys, connecting to accounts, cash offers, polls/competitions, tasks & writing jobs. I cant put a time frame on payouts for this site as I tend to forget about this one, which is a shame as when I spend a bit of time on this site I can build up cash quite quickly. Payment threshold is £20 via paypal only and is credited to your account on the last working day of the following month.
  8. MyVoice – This site sends you emails regularly for surveys, once you reach 2000 points you can redeem a ¬£20 voucher including Amazon, Argos, Boots & more. If you are screened out of a survey it pays out 5 points. (Taken from Myvoice FAQS –¬†We gather your Amazon voucher requests and send them to Amazon once a week. We send Amazon codes every Thursday/Friday. If you requested your voucher on a Thursday therefore it can take up to 7 days to get it. If you requested your voucher on a Wednesday it will be up to 2 days.)

I have received payouts from all of these survey sites listed, some quite regularly with no issues so far.

To receive more surveys keep your profiles updated regularly, some such as Univox even credit you for updating your profile too!

Answering questions honestly and to the best of your ability enables you to access more surveys more regularly.

You do occasionally have hiccups where a survey might not work, usually passing on the details to the survey panel helps resolve the problem so the survey can be reissued, some will credit your account and others just acknowledge there was an error but it was unresolvable.

All in all if you have some spare time and are generally sat on a pc/laptops this is a brilliant way to make some extra cash, its never going to be a permanent well paying income but it helps out with birthday’s and Christmas and is well worth doing.

There are loads more survey sites out there this is just a broken down list of some I use the most however you may find others that are more suited to yourself, take a look around, read some reviews and see what you think.