Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Hoody – Complete!

Finally, the crochet rainbow unicorn hoody is complete! My second crocheted cardigan so far. They are both pastel rainbow colours but this one is a unicorn hoody with an added belt. I created these using Drops Paris cotton and it is lovely and soft.

This has taken way longer than I had hoped. This is due to the fact I had to restart twice, once for sizing issues and again to remove a colour. I was so relieved to finally finish the main body when I realised I had to learn how to FPHDC & BPHDC (front pass and back pass half double crochet, the purple stitches).

With the first cardigan I could not figure this out and went with a plain edge but Eva insisted I gave it a go. I finally managed it, pleased to have learnt some new stitches. I need to work on my tension still but I’m pleased with the result.

Crocheted pastel rainbow hoody with pockets.

Eva decided she didn’t want an open cardigan or buttons! Instead, she wanted a belt. The pattern I used from Heart, Hook, Home didn’t have a belt so I made one and added loops to the hoody. I then made and added the horn, 2 ears & mane.

Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Hoody

Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Hoody

Eva was extremely pleased with how her crochet rainbow unicorn hoody turned out. Hopefully, if I make another I can improve the horn and ears but Eva is happy enough! It feels awesome to say I’ve completed a few big projects this year including my purple granny square blanket and these two hoodies.

I’m now back on the hunt for new projects having completed this. I’ve already made 2 golden snitches & started off a scarf. I have a few cushions I want to make covers for too. Do you know of any cool patterns you think I should try?

What do you think of our crochet rainbow unicorn hoody?


    Oh wow! That is gorgeous! My youngest has just seen it and loves it. She is unicorn mad! x Kim Carberry recently posted...My meal planning is a bit different during the summer holidays... #mealplanningmondayMy Profile

    Kim Carberry | 6 years ago Reply

    This is really cute. Is there a pattern for it?

    Jo | 5 years ago Reply

      Hi Jo, I used this pattern - with a few slight adjustments. Hope this helps :)

      RelentlesslyPurple | 5 years ago Reply

    That's really nice my granddaughter wants me to make one for her would you possibly Send me the pattern ldcasnertx@

    Linda Casner | 5 years ago Reply

    That's really nice my granddaughter wants me to make one for her would you possibly Send me the pattern ldcasnertx@

    Linda Casner | 5 years ago Reply

    You would make my seven year d granddaughter the second most happiest little girl in the world to give her grandma this pattern! What do I need to do to get it! I will love you forever!

    Vickie Broome | 5 years ago Reply

      I used this pattern - but with the Drops Paris Cotton in pastel colours, I hope your granddaughter loves it!

      RelentlesslyPurple | 5 years ago Reply

    Please send both patterns to me. I want to make the unicorn for my great granddaughter and the other for myself. It is beautiful!

    Peggye Reynolds | 4 years ago Reply

    This is probably a silly question but how did you know when to switch colors for the thick stripes? I looked through the pattern you used and it doesn’t indicate switching colors since it’s for a white unicorn 😂

    Samantha Augustyn | 2 years ago Reply

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