Indoor Strawberry Seeds In A Can

These Indoor strawberry seeds in a can from Wilko are great for just £1! We like to make sure the girls still get to enjoy growing plants even without a garden. They regularly change the plants on their windowsill throughout the year and as it is empty again the Mr picked up the indoor strawberry seeds in a can. Having enjoyed growing peppers last year for their salad, something tasty was needed.

Indoor Strawberry Seeds In A Can

Indoor Strawberry Seeds

These are so simple even Izzy can plant the indoor strawberry seeds all by herself which she thoroughly enjoyed. You simply remove the plastic cap on the bottom of the can, remove the packet of seeds and open the bottom ring pull. This bottom ring pull opens the drainage system, you then put the cap back on the bottom of the can.

Opening the can

Turning the can back the other way, pull the top ring pull and pour in 100ml of water. Izzy found the ring pulls quite easy to open and loved pouring the water in, she loves water! It was nice not having to step in and see her being independent too.

Add the seeds, making sure to push them down into the soil in the can and place out of direct sunlight in a warm area between 18-20°c. We popped ours on the bookshelf to start off with as it is away from direct sunlight and fairly warm.

Planting Seeds

Izzy really loved this quick and simple planting activity. She can’t wait to watch her indoor strawberry seeds grow into a delicious strawberry plant. Eva loved growing strawberries when we had a garden and was always the first one out the door each morning to pick the ripe ones! It will be interesting to see what Izzy thinks and the taste difference too!

What have you grown lately? Have you seen these indoor seeds in a can in Wilko before?



    I try to grow strawberries every year and fail. I might have to give these a try. They look like a great idea. Good luck with growing them. x Kim Carberry recently posted...Kirstie Allsopp Fragrant Rose Soap Making Kit - Review!My Profile

    Kim Carberry | 6 years ago Reply

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