Out-Smarting A 2 Year Old With SmartMotion

The Samsung SmartThings SmartMotion!

I reviewed the Samsung SmartThings Starter pack and won it last year. I still use the SmartPlug’s to control the Pump & Light on our fish tank (Can you Phone the Fish?)which is an absolute life saver especially if we aren’t home & forgot to turn on their pump!

I also use theย  Multi-purpose sensor to send me a notification on my phone if something comes through the letterbox.ย 


The SmartMotion Sensor however I hadn’t really managed to come SmartMotionup with a good use for yet.

Izzy has recently started getting out of bed and coming in to the living room at night. She plays a bit of a game with it making sure to cover the monitor with a blanket or teddy so we can’t hear her sneaking out of bed.

She rarely wants something, she just wants to know what we are up to and with Eva making sure to keep her awake after we have put Izzy back to bed, we become yo-yo’s trying to get her to stay in bed. If we manage to catch her at her door she will generally go back to bed and go to sleep. If she gets any further though she thinks she’s winning and keeps trying.

Secret weapon: SmartMotion

Now it’s set up in the girls room so when they pass their chest of drawers (the range is pretty good too!) I get a notification on my phone. So as Izzy gets out of bed we can race her to their door and get her back into bed quickly and stop her little game. We’ve been using it for the last week now and she has learnt rather quickly WE KNOW and she cant (yet) find away to open that bedroom door without setting off the sensor Muahahah!


Now she will actually call through the monitor ‘poo bum!’ or ‘Melp pweeeeaaaaase’ when she wants something and doesn’t get up and down just because she can.

This could also be useful for potty training too as I will be woken up if she leaves her room to head for the toilet/potty. Samsung SmartThing’s Motion Sensor finally has a purpose. It also let’s me know the room temperature which means as the colder months draw in closer we can make sure there room is kept at a good temperature too!

How do you outsmart your kids when they are playing around at bedtime? Do you have a sensor? A video baby monitor? Do you have a SmartHub at home? Which one? Let me knowย 

๐Ÿ™‚ย Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


    Wow, this sounds brilliant! Our home is gradually becoming more 'smart' as my husband keeps buying more gadgets but I've not heard of these and I can see many uses for them!

    Jennifer Jain | 8 years ago Reply

    That sounds like quite a clever little gadget! It also sounds like you really need clever gadgets to outsmart your very clever child! Very cute the way she tries to trick you when she gets out of bed. #kcacols

    The Mum Reviews | 8 years ago Reply

    That sounds like a great invention! What an awesome idea! Our little one can't escape his bedroom as his door sticks though so we're safe until he gets a bit stronger ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #KCACOLS

    James Hopes | 8 years ago Reply

      Haha she worked out how to silently open the door.. She was getting a little too ninja ;) lol x

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    Wow, it's amazing what technology can do these days isn't it?! #KCACOLS

    Educating Roversi | 8 years ago Reply

    What a great idea! My 18yr old son is often up later than us and plays on his X-box. He has his headphones on talking to others online and doesn't realize how loud he is. Hubby has an app on his phone that he can use to turn the wifi off. Best thing is my son doesn't know about it and thinks it is the wifi not working properly lol. #KCACOLS

    aliduke79hotmailcom | 8 years ago Reply

      Hahahaha omg that is hilarious! Some of these gadgets are amazing, Eva is sure the sensor monitor is a camera still lol xx

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

        Haha, bless her x

        aliduke79hotmailcom | 8 years ago Reply

    Well this is just awesome!! I had absolutely no idea that there were so many little gadgets that assist you in outsmarting your kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing! <3 #KCACOLS

    Savannah (@HowHesRaised) | 8 years ago Reply

    This is wonderful - such a clever use of the technology! I witnessed my friend's 3 year old doing a similar thing when they came to visit and it's made me fear my daughter moving to a bed. I will certainly bear this in mind. Thanks for sharing your idea! #KCACOLS

    Angela Watling | 8 years ago Reply

    now there's a question - how do I outsmart my boy when he is playing around at bedtime?! argh! fortunately he's been okish but we used a stair gate on his door for a while. how useful that your smart monitor can activate your fish tank! pure genius! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

    Emma | 8 years ago Reply

      I think they all go through a stage of doing it, I remember having to use a stair gate for my eldest other wise we would find her playing in the bathroom haha! Thank you I'll definitely be back :) x

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

        We had throwing when we moved b to his toddler bed. I would go up with a bin bag and tell him is bin whatever got thrown. Worked a treat and it still works now if we have any throwing incidents ;)

        Emma | 8 years ago Reply

          Ooh may have to use that one! Izzy likes to throw too at times ๐Ÿ˜‚ x

          relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

            I tell him whatever gets thrown will be put away until the next day. I know realistically I'm not gonna throw things away. It works well tho lol!! X

            Emma | 8 years ago

            Haha whatever works! I do threaten to bin toys when they make too much mess but never thought to do it when Izzy throws, definitely worth a try when she does it again lol x

            relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago

    Ooh this thingy sounds really cool. My husband loves gadgety things like this I will have to mention it to him. Bless your little Eve :) #KCACOLS

    thehippychristianmum | 8 years ago Reply

      Haha I'm sure he will love it, I haven't used it yet but the presence sensor keyring would probably amuse him.. You can link it up to one of the smartplugs so you could have something like your kettle or pc plugged in to it & it will turn itself on as you get close to home! X

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    Oh that's brilliant! I can imagine it would drive my kids wild though if we always beat them to it, haha! x #KCACOLS

    madelinelittlejohns | 8 years ago Reply

    Oh how cunning you are. I'm sure it won't be long until Izzy bond finds a way to beat the sensor lol.. #kcacols

    omgitsagirl2015 | 8 years ago Reply

      Izzy bond hahahaha She has worked out now that walking past the sensor sets mummy's phone off and drains the battery.. ๐Ÿ™ˆ x

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

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