Sure Maximum Protection Sensitive Dry

Being a Bzzagent means I get sent products to test & review from time to time & last week I received my latest Bzzkit to review.

Sure Maximum Protection Sensitive Dry
My Bzzkit

This time I am testing an anti-perspirant stick. I was sent the Sure maximum protection sensitive dry anti-perspirant stick which just so happens to be…PURPLE! Oh yes!

I am a fan of Sure in general I have to admit. Before testing this stick I was previously using the Sure motion sense cotton dry stick along with the Sure long lasting protection fragrance collection spray with scents of peach & wild raspberry.. My absolute favourite spray! Again the spray is purple.. Extra win for me!

My current Sure collection

Since I am already a Sure fan I couldn’t wait to test this new product and see what was inside the lovely little box and was pleasantly surprised by the new shape of the stick itself.

I love the purple of course but I also like the general design too. Then when you open it up it gets even funkier!

The applicator has lots of little holes the anti-perspirant stick comes up through when you turn the wheel at the base which clicks as you do so. Sure recommends 2 clicks per under arm which I gave a go and it glides nicely as you apply it and covered my armpit nicely.

I absolutely love the long lasting fresh scent it leaves when you use it. I’ve been using it for a few day’s now & even wore a knitted jumper & thick winter coat to really put the anti-perspirant to the test. I sweat quite a lot in my coat usually but was surprised when I got home & realised my pits were still dry and I still smelt fresh & lovely even after a panic attack.

Overall I love this new Sure anti-perspirant & my old cotton fresh one has been pushed to the back of the cupboard as a back up as I much prefer the one I am currently testing. I would definitely say this is the best one I have tried yet!

*All comments, views, opinions & photo’s are my own however I did receive this product free to review from Bzzagent.


    I've always loved Sure deodrant and use them alot, mostly the aerosol sprays. They are amazing. Never heard of that company Bzzagent before, how fab of them. Great post hun LisaG XoX

    LisaG | 8 years ago Reply

      Sure is awesome! I definitely recommend signing up to bzzagent if you enjoy testing different products :) it's completely free too! You fill out a few surveys so they get an idea of what you like & match you with campaigns. As long as you submit plenty of good bzzreports they keep sending you things to try out it's really fun :D xx

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

        Wow that is awesome hun, thankyou so much I think I will. 😘💗 XoX

        LisaG | 8 years ago Reply

    I'm testing this at the moment too - completely converted! I bought a new one today & they're a little pricey (£4.99 in Boots) but my test one is still going after more than a month! X

    itsabugslife14 | 8 years ago Reply

      I really love it still too! Ouch that is pricey, I'd lovely to stick with this one too so may have a shop around ;) x

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

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