Half-Term Fun – My Sunday Photo

We had some half-term fun last week. We started off with a few chilled out days indoors, watching films, crafting & colouring as the weather was rubbish. The week got a bit better with a trip to Kent for a birthday party breaking up the boredom.

Birthday Party

Nothing beats cake, especially chocolate cake! The girls had a great time and stuffed their faces. With a second piece to bring home, the girls were a little spoilt too. In fact, Izzy ate her second piece then said ‘Mumma, How dare you give me cake!?’. I guess I committed a crime there, clearly good parents sneakily eat the cake themselves! 😂

It took me a day or so to recover and feel up to leaving the flat again but by the Sunday I decided to take the girls for a walk. We had plenty of half-term fun indoors but we needed to break it up and get some air. The girls needed to burn off some energy too and the sun even appeared for a bit!

Of course, this gave me a good excuse to get outside with my new camera and play with it a bit more. Eva decided she wanted to take her bike so of course, Izzy had to take her scooter too. Before heading along the river we popped to the local shop for drinks to take with us and I captured this shot of Izzy zooming through the college.


Izzy Scooting

Half-Term Fun

When we got to the park, Izzy discovered her love of slides again. She had loads of fun climbing up the ship and sliding back down again. She looks so happy here, hopefully, the sun will shine more and we can enjoy many more weekend walk’s!

Half-term fun

Eva wondered what you were supposed to do with this part of the Ship play equipment. Whilst I was off snapping the scenery around us, Eva concluded this is the only explanation…

Weekend Walk

Not sure she is correct but points for effort! Oh and waiting whilst I faffed having forgotten my own sunglasses and being blinded a little. What do you think?




Personalised Superhero Party Pack From Personalised Parties

I received a Personalised Superhero Party pack from Personalised Parties for a party of 8. Knowing Martyn & Hannah were having a small joint party for William and Alfie’s birthday’s during half term I figured I could help find some fun extra’s. This fantastic personalised superhero party pack was bound to add a little colour to the table!

Personalised Superhero Party

Personalised Superhero Party Pack

This fantastic pack is available for £34.99 (+ £3.95 P&P) and contains:

  • x16 PERSONALISED FOOD FLAGS (x8 each of two different flag designs).

The party boxes pop together easily with tabs numbered 1 to 4 on the bottom. These boxes are sturdy with carry handles for party guests to take home. You can’t fail to forget whose super(hero) party it is with these fab personalised superhero party boxes.


The party hats are also easy to assemble with tabs and are supplied with string. We loved the idea of using these party hats as chip cones too!


Ordering a personalising a party pack from Personalised Parties is quick simple. Select the pack you want then decide on what you want written with 21 character spaces. Even if you mess this up like me and put the wrong child’s name (Yes, I totally did that haha!) there is still time to change the order with a quick email. You can select which font and font colour you would like too before going through to your cart. Once you are in the shopping cart you can change the pack quantity you want to order before paying. Delivery takes up to 10 days so make sure you order in time.

Party Time

Personalised parties have you covered for anything else you may need to throw the perfect party too. From party signage, invites, gifts and more with a range of designs you are spoilt for choice. After my epic name fail it shows the swift response and customer service by PersonalisedParties.com too!

Do you know someone who would love a personalised superhero party?