Colourful Week – My Sunday Photo

It’s been a colourful week this week! We have been loving the sunshine. Hot weather always mean ice creams and slush puppies for us! The Mr took this week’s My Sunday photo’s as I headed into London for an event. He sent me this lovely colourful photo of the girls enjoying a slush puppy whilst shopping.

A Colourful Week

Colourful Week

They both look so colourful with their bright colours, Eva’s pink hair and slush puppies in hand! This has been an almost daily occurrence to help cool the girls down but still get them out and about.

He also spotted this beautiful purple flower in the pub garden. I love the detail the Mr managed to capture, there are lots of beautiful flowers like this in the pub garden but I never manage to capture the detail quite like this, although admittedly I only ever use my phone. Perhaps my camera would be better!

The Mr takes some lovely photo’s, thankfully as I forgot to take my camera to London! I know, awful blogger! 😂 I did, however, manage to catch a few pictures with my phone.

My Sunday Photo

I spotted this high up on a building near Soho Square and took a picture for the girls! I love walking through London and looking up, you always see something cool, from tall buildings, gorgeous architecture to street art. There is always something to discover and photograph.

Soho Square

Unfortunately, the ugly bin really spoils this shot but Soho Square was fairly busy so this was the best photo I managed to get. I love the green, purples and pinks bursting out around the black and white. I will definitely go back much earlier in th3e day next time and see if I can get a nicer, bin-less shot!

What have you been up to this week?


Clouds & Vehicle Spotting – My Sunday Photo

Cloud & vehicle spotting is this weeks #MySundayPhoto post. I missed out last week, giving myself the weekend to recovered from a stressful assessment. On the way to my assessment though I thought I would see how well my camera worked whilst driving along. I got this love shot of the clouds driving along the A127.




Vehicle Spotting

I also spotted this awesome converted ambulance parked up. I’m sure I got a photo last time but can’t find it anywhere so decided to share it anyway. I love seeing vehicles like this, it’s been painted quite simply yet looks quite cool. I wonder what they have done with the inside!?

Vehicle spotting

Whilst I’m currently without a phone, the Mr does at least have one again and spotted this parked up whilst shopping last weekend. I have to admit I smiled when he sent this through to me on his way home, he has complained about missing so many different cool cars.

I’m not overly keen on the colour though, I think it would look much better in purple! What do you think?



Snow Edits – My Sunday Photo

I have several snow edits to share with you all this week! I managed to get out with the girls for the day on Wednesday and shared our Snow Day photos. I also took some other shot’s that I’ve been looking forward to sharing though!

Snow Edits – Gull Lightship

I took this first shot of the gull lightship which was fairly dark as the boatyard towers over it a little on the left. I decided to play with the photo and see if I could improve it using the simple photo editor on my surface. There’s something magical about untouched snow so I wanted to show that a little better.

Snow Edits - Gull Lightship

I like this a little better as it reflects the early morning light a little better. I took several shots of the gull lightship as it is my favourite place, admiring the old wooden lightship and it’s history whilst watching the busy river.

Gull Lightship in the snow

This angle gives you a slightly different view of the river looking towards the QE2 bridge.I spent a lot of time playing with it in the editor before realising I could turn it PURPLE!

Purple Snow Edit

I love this purple tint and the snow on the old lightship laying in perfect, untouched sheets. I do think it needs sharpening a little though! The final snow edit is this boat you can see in the distance of the other photo’s. Covered perfectly in sheets of snow including the bouy!

Snowy boat

I zoomed in quite a bit with this shot and wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Surprisingly, I was quite pleased with the detail for a point and shoot. I’m loving playing with photo’s again and need to invest in a decent editor so I can try to do much better!

Do you have any lovely snow edits or did you manage to capture the magic of the snow without editing?


Half-Term Fun – My Sunday Photo

We had some half-term fun last week. We started off with a few chilled out days indoors, watching films, crafting & colouring as the weather was rubbish. The week got a bit better with a trip to Kent for a birthday party breaking up the boredom.

Birthday Party

Nothing beats cake, especially chocolate cake! The girls had a great time and stuffed their faces. With a second piece to bring home, the girls were a little spoilt too. In fact, Izzy ate her second piece then said ‘Mumma, How dare you give me cake!?’. I guess I committed a crime there, clearly good parents sneakily eat the cake themselves! 😂

It took me a day or so to recover and feel up to leaving the flat again but by the Sunday I decided to take the girls for a walk. We had plenty of half-term fun indoors but we needed to break it up and get some air. The girls needed to burn off some energy too and the sun even appeared for a bit!

Of course, this gave me a good excuse to get outside with my new camera and play with it a bit more. Eva decided she wanted to take her bike so of course, Izzy had to take her scooter too. Before heading along the river we popped to the local shop for drinks to take with us and I captured this shot of Izzy zooming through the college.


Izzy Scooting

Half-Term Fun

When we got to the park, Izzy discovered her love of slides again. She had loads of fun climbing up the ship and sliding back down again. She looks so happy here, hopefully, the sun will shine more and we can enjoy many more weekend walk’s!

Half-term fun

Eva wondered what you were supposed to do with this part of the Ship play equipment. Whilst I was off snapping the scenery around us, Eva concluded this is the only explanation…

Weekend Walk

Not sure she is correct but points for effort! Oh and waiting whilst I faffed having forgotten my own sunglasses and being blinded a little. What do you think?




Clouds & Roses – My Sunday Photo

I’ve captured Clouds & Roses for My Sunday Photo this week after missing out for a few weeks. With my LG G4 breaking and using a Samsung S5 I began to get frustrated with my photo’s and lost interest. That is until the Mr decided to surprise me with a lovely Purple Camera! Having 20.2MP to play with again has sparked that interest again. I’m sure I’ll share more about my Canon Ixus 285HS at some point too. I love anything new to play with but so far have stuck to auto settings.

Clouds - My Sunday Photo

Anyway, back to clouds & roses ! Over the week I have been taking different shots from the flat. Knowing how my usual low quality pictures come out any improvement was a bonus but this new camera picks up a lot more detail! I love how these photo’s of clouds came out, all taken at different points across the week.

Clouds & Roses

As for the Roses, I have played around with the editing slightly after taking the photo’s and really like these two shots.

Pink Rose

My editing skills are quite poor but I like how these turned out. I’m now considering paying a bit more attention to my photography and hopefully keep improving!


I love how clear the colours are compared to my previous photo’s. With a bit of time and some setting adjustments I am sure this camera will keep me snap happy for quite some time! I am just hoping the weather starts warming up again soon for walks with my camera and the girls. We have some lovely parks here that I think I can capture much better than I have before with the Ixus. The fact it’s purple too is obviously a bonus haha 😉

What do you think of my Clouds & Roses shots using my new camera? Which photo is your favourite?



My Sunday Photo – Chocolate Cake

I baked a delicious chocolate cake yesterday & had to share it for my Sunday photo. It is far from impressive compared to the food bloggers I follow but it is GOOD cake. Two weeks without a cooker over half term is not fun. Having a working cooker that actually cooks properly makes all the difference though! As soon as our new cooker arrived I decided I had to test it out properly.. by baking cake of course! Our old cooker decided to blow the day I chose to do some baking so it only seemed right.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

The cake is a devils food cake mix with vanilla icing mixed wit 60g of melted chocolate (from hotel chocolat) and 20g of cocoa powder. I have to say I had no confidence it would turn out right but it surprisingly turned out brilliantly! I split the mix between two tins & added a layer of icing between them too.. nom!


Chocolate cake sliced

The cake is amazingly fluffy and light and I’ve pleased myself with my icing, I thought it would be a disaster yet it tastes AMAZING!

Have you baked a cake recently? Do you have any tips?



My Sunday Photo – Vauxhall Cresta PA

This week this gorgeous Vauxhall Cresta PA had to be My Sunday Photo. They are photo’s the Mr has taken this week having finally got himself a new phone! He spotted this gorgeous red Vauxhall Cresta PA in Morrison’s car park and I love it. Seriously though, how beautiful is that car?

Vauxhall Cresta PA

Red Vauxhall Cresta PA

It looks like the owner really looks after his Cresta, it is absolutely gorgeous and looks so well kept too. I’m no expert but the car does look to be all original parts and is one of the best kept I’ve seen over the last few years. Old cars, bikes & buses really stand out and we are lucky to see quite a few around here on a regular basis.

I love the Churchill dogs in the back, they look great. The fact they have red cushions & hanging dice to match is pretty cool too. You can tell the owner loves the car from how well looked after & presented it is. Vauxhall Cresta PA inside

The Mr wasn’t too pleased with this shot but you can still see how immaculately kept this Vauxhall Cresta PA is inside. I think this may be one of my favourite cars the Mr has spotted for a while to be honest.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else he comes cross now he has a phone again. He has a 20.5MP camera compared to my 16MP which made me sulk to begin with. Luckily for him the camera isn’t that great at focusing & adjustments so I’ll let him off & keep searching for my next upgrade whilst enjoying the shots he does manage to take haha.

I’ll have to try and beat him now and find an even better car spot too!

Do you love this Vauxhall Cresta PA too? If not what is your favourite car spot?


My Sunday Photo – Stained Glass 

We spotted this gorgeous piece of stained glass in the Thurrock Museum yesterday. We popped by after dropping our books off at the library to see if there were new exhibits. The girls loved the pieces of stained glass on display & this piece is our absolute favourite!

Stained Glass

The girls were so excited and dragged me around so quickly I didn’t get a chance to read about this piece but I think it’s beautiful. You can see so many details in the glass itself even after all these years. It would be interesting to know who made this, when & why. I think I may go back in the week alone to check it out & have a read.

What do you think of this stained glass?


Rainbow – My Sunday Photo

I spotted this rainbow earlier in the week & was glad to finally capture something & join in with #MySundayPhoto again. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve not had much time to take photo’s! Looking through my camera roll was pretty boring this week in all honesty. The girls pepper plants are the most exciting thing I’ve captured! I was quite relieved to get a shot of this gorgeous rainbow.



After a very stressful week, this rainbow brightened up the sky and my mood. Perhaps sorting a new washing machine may have had something to do with it. I’ve felt a bit more positive since taking this photo though. I realised is that whilst I feel trapped in this flat I also have some stunning views at times!

I love rainbows and we are quite lucky to spot so many from our 11th floor flat. We really do have a great view for things like that. I love looking out of the window and often wander between the kitchen and living room windows. It’s quite nice watching the weather, the way the clouds move and beautiful sights such as rainbows, fly-by’s and helicopters so close. I guess there are some perks to living up so high.

What have you captured this week?


My Sunday Photo – End Of The Summer Holiday

This My Sunday Photo post is the last one of the summer holidays! Eva goes back to school on Wednesday and it got me looking back through our summer photo’s. These are a few of my favourites of Eva.


Summer Holidays

Eva’s confidence has really grown and she’s been much more daring this summer. Climbing is something she loves to do but after a few falls she lost her confidence slightly but over the summer her confidence has returned. She’s braved running on the ring above, hanging upside down below and climbing on the play equipment again over the summer holidays.

Eva hanging around


I love watching Eva run around the park, climbing on everything!

My little climber

Having both girls at home for almost 7 weeks has been stressful at times. However I’ve also managed to capture some lovely moments between them. I love these 2 below, the girls decided to walk along together nicely whilst we were out shopping one day, how cute do they look!?



Sisterly love

Every year I’ve caught the girls snuggled up together over the summer and taken a photo. I love the look on Izzy’s face in this picture. Izzy is rough with Eva at times but this shows she really does look up to her big sister! I love catching moments like these, it balances out all the fighting!

Now Eva is preparing for the start of year 3 in just 3 days time! She has a lovely teacher she is excited to be having, has been chosen as the glue monitor and is looking forward to going back. I’ve enjoyed having more time with her but I know she loves and misses the routine of school.

We’ve had a lovely summer, I’m quite sad it’s almost over as it’s been our best yet! What have you been up to?