Clouds & Vehicle Spotting – My Sunday Photo

Cloud & vehicle spotting is this weeks #MySundayPhoto post. I missed out last week, giving myself the weekend to recovered from a stressful assessment. On the way to my assessment though I thought I would see how well my camera worked whilst driving along. I got this love shot of the clouds driving along the A127.




Vehicle Spotting

I also spotted this awesome converted ambulance parked up. I’m sure I got a photo last time but can’t find it anywhere so decided to share it anyway. I love seeing vehicles like this, it’s been painted quite simply yet looks quite cool. I wonder what they have done with the inside!?

Vehicle spotting

Whilst I’m currently without a phone, the Mr does at least have one again and spotted this parked up whilst shopping last weekend. I have to admit I smiled when he sent this through to me on his way home, he has complained about missing so many different cool cars.

I’m not overly keen on the colour though, I think it would look much better in purple! What do you think?



Picture in A Cloud – My Sunday Photo

I spotted a picture in a cloud for this weeks #mysundayphoto. I spend a fair amount of time watching the clouds from my window. It can get quite boring without a garden but I spotted this a few nights ago. To me, it looks like there is a firefighter with a hose beneath a tree with smoke puffing out of it.

Picture in a cloud

I spot all kinds of lovely things from my windows from rainbows to cloud shapes and enjoy taking photos. Whilst I would love to get out with my camera a bit more, I am lucky to have some great views. 

Do you ever notice a picture in a cloud? Do you see the same as I do in this cloud or something different?