Role Play Teacher Pack From Wannabee’s

We received a Wannabee’s Role Play Teacher Pack to review at the perfect time! Eva has had a fantastic week at school and had her sharing assembly. Standing up and reading the most lines enthusiastically Eva caught the assistant head teacher’s attention and was asked to stand at the end. When asked what she wanted to be Eva told everyone she wanted to be a P.E teacher.

Wannabee's role play teacher pack

At 7 years old Eva’s aspirations to be a teacher are high, she can’t wait to grow up and be a teacher and regularly writes her own registers pretending to be Izzy’s teacher. When I showed her the Role Play Teacher Pack from Wannabee’s she literally squealed with excitement.

Role Playing - Teacher

Wannabee’s Role Play Teacher Pack

Created by 2 working mum’s, Wannabee’s stemmed from one of their daughters asking for a “grown up Teachers pack just like the one that they use in school”.Wannabee’s offer 3 different role play packs – Teacher, Café & Doctor. All roles children generally enjoy the most. The role play packs are full of everything your child needs to be whatever they want to be. At just £14.99 they are fantastic gifts for children. Wannabee’s also offer a 2 pack deal for £24.99 and a 3 pack deal for £32.99.The role play teacher pack includes everything your child could need to be a teacher with several sheets of each too! The pack stands up and uses high quality paper and coloured inks which is really noticeable.

There are 12 different parts to the Teacher pack:

Registers –



Role Play Teacher Pack - Timetable

Lesson Planner

Role Play Teacher Pack - Lesson Planner

Classroom Jobs List

Role Play Teacher Pack - Classroom Jobs

Lunch List

Role Play Teacher Pack - Lunch List

Weather Chart

Role Play Teacher Pack - Weather Chart


Counting Sheet

Role Play Teacher Pack - Counting Practice

Letter & Number Sheet

Role Play Teacher Pack - Letter & Number Practice

Reading Log

Role Play Teacher Pack - Reading Log

School Report

Role Play Teacher Pack - School Report

Achievement Certificates

Role Play Teacher Pack - Achievement Awards


Role Play Teacher Pack - Stickers

We really loved the Wannabee’s Teacher Pack and we are definitely going to buy the Café & Doctor Packs too as they are so much fun. Eva has spent all weekend using her Teacher Pack with Izzy and it has kept them both happy for hours. I remember as a child my friend had one of those old post office role play toys and the Wannabee’s Role Play Packs remind me of those and the fun we had pretending to sell stamps.

Watching the girls go through the register, lesson plans and watching Eva set up activities is been great. It’s encouraged the girls to play together too which is always lovely. The Role Play Packs are perfect for kids.

What do you think of the Role Play Teacher Pack? Do you love the sound of the Café & Doctor Packs too?

Burnished Chaos

Facts! One For Every Day Of The Year!

We received* a fab book of Facts! One for every day of the year, written by Tracey Turner and illustrated by Fatti Burke and published by Bloomsbury Children’s publishing. Available to buy from Amazon at £12.99 this book would make a great addition to any child’s bookshelf.

Facts! One for every day of the year

Facts! One for every day of the year

The Book comes with postcards, one for each month with a fun fact and illustration. From animal facts to how to say ‘Happy Christmas’ in 20 different languages! We love postcards and have started collecting them when we visit somewhere new so Eva loved adding these fun postcards to her collection.

Postcard Facts!


Facts! One for every day of the year is a fantastic book for children is a beautifully illustrated fact book for children aged 4-8 years. This book would be a fantastic educational Birthday or Christmas gift to be treasured and read daily. Children enjoy learning fun facts and this book is absolutely bursting with them! Everyone can learn something with this book.



It’s amazing reading through the facts, they are so interesting and accompanied by such fun, colourful illustrations that will draw in any child! Eva (7) loved flicking through and finding facts for certain days such as our birthdays. Interestingly Izzy shares her birthday with Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin, which both girls & I are allergic to.

6th August - On this date

We’ve had lots of fun checking the daily facts and Eva has learnt plenty of interesting facts to go back to school and share with her friends & teachers. I can see this book being pulled out daily to read and show to visitors too. Children are knowledge hungry at this age and I love to feed that hunger with books like this.



This book contains amusing animal facts, amazing space stats, scientific discoveries, fantastic achievements, and so much more! There really is something for everyone is this fantastic book for children. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an interesting and educational gift.

*This is a sponsored #Ad

Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Children’s Bone China And Cutlery Sets

Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Bone China & Cutlery Sets were launched this week! A family-owned business that started in 1902, currently run by Simon Price the fourth-generation of the Price Family. Arthur Price are suppliers of the Royal families and Heads of state. They also supply the tables of the finest hotels, restaurants, airlines and cruise ships.

Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Range

The Minions Bone china collection starts at £8.95 and are available separately or as a two or three-piece breakfast set. The Sea of Minions bone china collection is dishwasher safe. The bone china collection consists of a ‘Sea of Minions’ mug, bowl and plate.

Plate: 20cm diameter

Bowl: 15.7cm diameter

Mug: 7.9cm diameter / 7cm height


We received a 4 piece Expressions cutlery set and a 3 piece Sea of Minions breakfast set to review which pleased my little Minions immensely! The sets look fantastic together and make the perfect gift for any minion fan! The cutlery sets are suitable from 3 years and

Arthur Price Despicable Me 3

There are two four-piece children’s cutlery sets available retailing at £24.95 each – the ‘Sea of Minions’ and ‘ Expression’ collections. Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 cutlery sets are made of 18/10 finest stainless steel and has a 15 year guarantee. Thick chunky handles make it easier for small hands to hold and balance as they eat. The Expressions cutlery set goes perfectly with the 3 piece children’s Sea of Minions Breakfast set.

The Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 range would make perfect gifts for any little minion fans. The Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 range is available to buy directly from the Arthur Price website and from most department stores including Harrods.