Elf On The Shelf – 12 Days Of Elvis and Elfie

Elf on the shelf can be great fun! Over 14 million elves have been adopted around the world. Any parent will tell you though that sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas. Design bundles have some fab bundles and kindly sent us a box of goodies to make things easier.

Elf On The Shelf Day 1

Elf on the shelf - Elfie is sat under the tree with Elvis his cousin in an Elf Isolation jar, on top of a baking kit.

Elfie has been visiting us for the last few years. He’s an absolute terror and had been told he is not to steal the girls toys this year! So instead he brought along his cousin Elvis. Thankfully he seems a much better behaved elf and arrived in Elf Isolation adhering to the guidelines. Together they arrived with a fun Ginger bread baking kit for the girls to make!

Day 2

Day 2 came around quickly and Elfie and Elvis wanted to dress up. He arrived with a dazzling gold wardrobe and clothing from previous years hung up inside. Naughty Elfie had hidden his poor cousin Elvis (still in Elf Isolation) underneath a discarded dressing gown!

Elfie is sat in front of a homemade golden coloured wardrope, strong across the doors is a festive clothes line with a christmas jumper and pyjamas hanging from it. In front of the wardrobe are pieces of fabric, scissors, glue and a needle along with a sign saying 'I can't find any clothes to wear.. lets make some Love Elfie!.

It seems Elfie wasn’t happy with his current wardrobe and insisted the girls made him some new ones. Thankfully he at least brought his own materials, although cheekily he raided my crochet tin for the scissors and needle.

Day 3

The elves brought some colouring sheets and pens for the girls to do some festive colouring on day 3. Elfie had been colouring in a candy cane when we woke up! The girls couldn’t wait to get colouring with the elves when they woke up. Who doesn’t love colouring!?

Day 4

Elfie and Elvis wanted to make Christmas cards on day 4. Elvis wrote his very own tiny christmas card to the girls which was sweet.

Elfie and Elvis are sat with some colouring pens and cards/envelopes.

He brought the girls some paper and card to make their own which they loved doing. Card making is always fun!

Day 5

On day 5 Elvis and Elfie wanted to make some decorations. They arrived with a bag including a clear fillable bauble, fake snow and some small ornaments to go inside. Naturally we discovered Elfie using his poor cousin Elvis to get inside the bag of goodies!

Elfie's legs are sticking out of a paper bag, his feet are using Elvis' Elf Isolation jar to climb up.

Thankfully nothing was damaged and we were able to make a lovely bauble. The girls loved this as the Mr has a t-shirt in with a camper van and Christmas tree on top!

Day 6

On day 6 the elves decided it was time for the girls to write to Santa. They brought them an example sheet which I copied and a fun snowman pen to write out their lists.

Elfie and Elvis are sat on top of a blank letter to santa with a pen

We were pleased to see Elfie was behaving a little bit better today! Having an elf on the shelf can be worrying, you never know what you might wake up to!

Day 7

On day 7 the elves thought the girls would enjoy making a fun window display from. They brought lots of fun stencils and paper.. Although messily scattered everywhere! We are hoping Elvis is able to tame Elfie a bit when he finally finishes Elf isolation next week! SVG images are great for activities like these.

Elfie and is sat amongst a mess of stencils and paper

Day 8

The elves decided as the girls love doing random acts of kindness that they might enjoy making someone a gift. Along with some card they had left some chocolates. The girls decided they should make a Christmas cracker and use the chocolates to fill it up. Unfortunately this day became quite eventful so we missed a photograph!

Day 9

Acts of kindness are so nice the elves decided to encourage the girls twice! On the 9th day the elves provided a fun list of acts of kindness to help the girls out. Elfie had even left Elvis a note saying he SMELLS lovely! This led to the girls going through their toys and producing a bag for the charity shop a few days later. The elves then rewarded them with some sweets for their kindness whilst sat on the bag of toys.

Elfie and Elvis are sat on top of a sheet of random acts of kindness ideas

Day 10

The elves must have been getting hungry thinking about Christmas being just 15 days away. They brought the girls some things to help set the table. They came with a fantastic glass milk bottle for Santa and card and a shiny pen to make placemats.

Elfie and Elvis are sat with black card to make placemats and a santas milk botttle

Day 11

With the big day quickly approaching, the elves thought it was time the girls wrapped some presents. They brought wrapping paper, a gift tag and a bag of popcorn for the girls to enjoy with a film.

Wrapping with the Elves - Elfie is sat in a popcorn pot with his legs up in the air and over his shoulders next to wrapping paper, washi tape, a christmas tag and popcorn.

The paper is perfect for my sister who loves pugs and has her own called Pugsley! So the girls wrapped for their aunt and uncle using the lovely paper. Once we were all done they enjoyed snuggling up with a film and sharing the popcorn.

Day 12

Although I am certain there was something else planned, such as a fun scavenger hunt for the 12th day, instead we discovered Elfie up to mischief.

Elfie pulling Elvis from his Elf isolation

Of course, being such a naughty elf that he is, he couldn’t wait 2 more days and had dragged poor Elvis out of Elf Isolation!! Lets hope 12 days was enough to keep us all safe!

We definitely enjoy Elf on the shelf as a tradition now and cant wait to see what else Elfie and Elvis will get up to next. I will definitely be using Design bundles in future and check out their free printable resources and new products.

What has your Elf on a Shelf been up to? Do you use any fun resources?

5 Expat Blogs For Families To Follow

Living and working as an expat can be a fantastic opportunity, but if you are relocating with a young family, you may face challenges you had not previously considered. Expat family blogs can help.

Travelling long haul with a baby, adjusting to a different climate, homesickness, living without a familiar support network, education and managing finances in a different country are just some of the concerns expat parents may have.

5 Expat Blogs

The good news is, there are many expat families, living and working around the world and sharing their experiences online. We’ve chosen 5 expat blogs for families you might consider following for tips on living, working and raising children abroad:

Life with Baby Kicks

Although reluctant at first, Laura grew to love living abroad. After four and half years in the Middle East, her blog is a fantastic resource if this is where your family may be headed.

Post to check out: Expat friendships are what make expat life amazing.

What it covers: Adjusting to expat life, expat life in Dubai, expat life in Qatar and travelling with young children.

The Expat Mama

Based in Singapore with two young children, The Expat Mama covers a wide range of topics from dealing with homesickness to children’s education abroad to shopping and baking. One of the most interesting areas of the blog is ‘The Expat Mama meets’, where expats from around the world are interviewed about why they became expats, what they would do differently if they moved again and advice for others moving to their location. It is a treasure trove of reliable information if you are considering a move to an expat destination.

Post to check out: The Expat’s Mama meets….

What it covers: Expat family life, homesickness, homeschooling, food and drink, life in Singapore, interviews with other expats around the world.

Wandermust Family

This expat blog is written by a family of three, who were based in Qatar up until late 2017. There is a lot of useful content on the site, particularly for those planning to live in the Middle East. This blog also contains some great reviews of equipment for travelling with babies and young children as well as tips for travelling while pregnant and with the new addition to your family.

Post to check out: Ramadan in Qatar – your essential guide.

What it covers: Luxury family travel, expat life in Qatar, reviews of family travel gear.

Our Globe Trotters

This blog by Keri Hedrick focuses on travel advice, family life and money matters from an expat perspective. If you are wondering how much moving abroad will cost or the kind of salary to expect as an expat, then this is the blog for you and your family.

Post to check out: The Real Cost of Expat Living.

What it covers: Expat money, life in Abu Dhabi, global parenting.

Seychelles Mama

Blogger Chantelle, and her husband Mark, knew from the outset that they wanted to raise their family abroad so made the decision to move to the Seychelles only a month after marrying. They now have two children and Chantelle blogs about life as an expat in this beautiful part of the world. If you are a parent of young children living away from home then this could be the blog for you.

Post to check out: How to juggle expat life, family, and the need for sleep.

What it covers: Planning to move abroad, expat family life, pregnancy and fitness.

We hope these expat blogs will help answer some of the parenting questions you have about raising your children abroad. Ensure you protect your families health with Expat Health Insurance.

Events & What’s On – Ireland August 2018

As part of their efforts to help motorists and home owners get Ready for the Real World and help them enjoy the best of the summer too, Liberty Insurance have shared a select list of events happening across Ireland this August.


Galway Races

The Galway Races are famously good craic, with crowds of over 150,000 spilling into one of the most interesting cities in Ireland.

The Galway races are not just about the racing – there’s lots of music, great food, fashion and style and some serious people-watching too.

Sunday is Mad Hatter’s Day at the races, and the fun gets bigger as the hats get wackier. Expect branches, flowers, feathers, balloons, oversized cupcakes… we’ve even seen sandwiches and shoes on people’s heads

August 3rd – 5th: Castlepalooza

Castlepalooza is an independent music festival held in the grounds of the stunning of Charleville House, Co. Offaly.

Billing itself as a ‘Boutique Festival’ –  tickets are limited to just 1500 – those attending have access to the inside of the castle and the small numbers make for a very friendly event.

Although the main focus is on the music, there’s also art exhibitions, fortune tellers, games, a cocktail bar, a comedy club, great food and even a day spa available for the lucky few that go.

August 3rd – 5th: Indiependence Festival

This music and arts festival is smaller than most, with a limit of just 5000 tickets, which makes for an intimate atmosphere. Fans consider it to be the best boutique festival in Ireland and the organisers in Cork work hard to keep it good, both with an always excellent music line up and the range of other events that make it special.

The range of music is diverse and with 5 covered stages of various sizes, there’s always at least one act on that you’ll enjoy.

August 3rd – 5th: Enniscorthy Rockin Food Festival

Family favourite, Rockin’ Food Festival, is back with a bang this year and promises something for everyone.

Its recipe for success is a line-up of over 120 events, with half of them completely free.

A rock’n’roll gig trail offers free live music sessions from Friday night, August 3, right through until Sunday, August 5.

There’s loads for Kids to do including a Lego workshop, and slime making class and much more.

Meanwhile, food lovers can feast at the Artisan Food, Drink and Crafts Market with over 80 vendors to choose from.

August 8th – 12th: Dublin Horse Show

More than 100,000 people are expected to attend this month’s Dublin Horse Show at the RDS, as well as about 1,600 horses and ponies will participate in the show’s various equestrian events.

Some of the World’s best show jumpers will be there, competing for large prizes in competitions throughout the week, culminating in the Nations Cup on the last day of the show. This is as much a social as an equestrian event, with horsey people from all over the country gathering for a week of competition by day and hard partying by night.

August 10th – 12th: Puck Fair

Where do you even begin with Puck Fair?  It’s old for a start, it got official recognition from James I in 1603 and it was probably already ancient at that time.

Basically, this is what happens:

Each year a wild male goat is captured from a mountain and brought into Kilorglin, Co. Kerry. It is raised on a platform high above the crowd and there a young girl, who has earlier been crowned  ‘Queen of Puck’, crowns the goat King.

There follows much cheering and several days of general merrymaking. During the day it is very family-friendly, with lots of street entertainment and kids events going on. Music is everywhere, both organised and just from random buskers. There is a party feeling and lots to see and do.

August 10th – 20th: Kilkenny Arts Festival

The Kilkenny Arts Festival completely takes over the city, with official and fringe events taking place in every available space, from shops and offices to hotels and pubs as well as on the street.

There’s so much to see on do over the 10 days from visual arts and classical music to theatre, dance, literature, crafts and a strong children’s programme. Just dive in and enjoy.

August 16th – 19th: The Big Grill

A female chef who specialises in 160-day whiskey-aged beef, and a former celebrity personal protection specialist turned Brooklyn restaurateur, are among the headliners at The Big Grill festival, which makes its fifth appearance in Herbert Park, Dublin 4 in August (16th-19th).

More than 20,000 barbecue enthusiasts are expected to attend this celebration of cooking with fire and smoke, described by the organisers as “Europe’s largest barbecue festival”.

August 14th – 20th: Connemara Pony Show

This festival celebrating the world renowned Connemara pony takes place each August in Clifden.

In-hand classes, ridden classes, dressage and working hunter classes, carriage driving and show jumping competitions are just some of the events. There is plenty to see and do aside from the ponies, with a dog show, domestic arts competitions, Irish dancing and the promise of some surprise visitors for children – it is a very lively and friendly show to attend.

August 31st – September 2nd: Electric Picnic

This festival is probably known to most people and this year the lineup is one of the best ever. Apart from world class music, the Laois based festival offers everything from comedy to theatre and interactive art and holistic health to world cuisine.

There’s so much you can get up to this August and no matter what event you’re getting ready for, Liberty Insurance will be there with great cover you can trust. That’s why they help their customers to adjust their Car Insurance policy so they can add an additional driver, drive a van and more.

Facts! One For Every Day Of The Year!

We received* a fab book of Facts! One for every day of the year, written by Tracey Turner and illustrated by Fatti Burke and published by Bloomsbury Children’s publishing. Available to buy from Amazon at £12.99 this book would make a great addition to any child’s bookshelf.

Facts! One for every day of the year

Facts! One for every day of the year

The Book comes with postcards, one for each month with a fun fact and illustration. From animal facts to how to say ‘Happy Christmas’ in 20 different languages! We love postcards and have started collecting them when we visit somewhere new so Eva loved adding these fun postcards to her collection.

Postcard Facts!


Facts! One for every day of the year is a fantastic book for children is a beautifully illustrated fact book for children aged 4-8 years. This book would be a fantastic educational Birthday or Christmas gift to be treasured and read daily. Children enjoy learning fun facts and this book is absolutely bursting with them! Everyone can learn something with this book.



It’s amazing reading through the facts, they are so interesting and accompanied by such fun, colourful illustrations that will draw in any child! Eva (7) loved flicking through and finding facts for certain days such as our birthdays. Interestingly Izzy shares her birthday with Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin, which both girls & I are allergic to.

6th August - On this date

We’ve had lots of fun checking the daily facts and Eva has learnt plenty of interesting facts to go back to school and share with her friends & teachers. I can see this book being pulled out daily to read and show to visitors too. Children are knowledge hungry at this age and I love to feed that hunger with books like this.



This book contains amusing animal facts, amazing space stats, scientific discoveries, fantastic achievements, and so much more! There really is something for everyone is this fantastic book for children. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an interesting and educational gift.

*This is a sponsored #Ad

Ladybird Activity- Kitty In Boots Snow Globe

We’ve made an awesome Kitty in Boots Snow Globe using the Ladybird Activity site!


We had fun making a Kitty In boots Snow globe It’s quite simple to do and doesn’t take long at all! We made sure we had everything needed on the list to make our snow globe and printed out the activity sheet so we could cut out Kitty in Boots to put inside our snow globe.

Although we didn’t have any jam jars so we cheated and bought these Kilner Jars for £1 each. I bought 2 as Izzy wanted to make a snow globe too (then wandered off halfway through – toddler life). We also bought some water-resistant glue, Glycerine and had plenty of glitter at home.

Eva cut out and stuck Kitty in boots to the card to make Kitty In boots strong enough to stand up in the globe and used book covering to waterproof him as we don’t have a laminator.

We glued him down on the lid and Eva held it down to dry whilst I filled the jar with water & poured in 2 spoons of glycerine and let Eva add the glitter.

Once we had filled up the jar we used plenty of super glue around the edge of the jar and lid. Eva screwed the lid as tight as she could and we left it to dry then tested it out! Eva was so impressed she had made her first snow globe. She started coming up with plenty more idea’s we could try too.

Kitty In Boots Snowglobe
Maybe slightly too much glitter! We can’t wait to make more though

Eva though this activity was really fun especially as it involved glitter! We had to take a selfie with her globe too..


Have you tried any of the Ladybird Activities yet? Will you try one too? We really enjoyed this activity, it only took around 20 minutes to complete. We will definitely be trying some more out.

* Please note this is a sponsored post. We did really love the activity though!

Eva’s Crazy Moves For The #FrubesMoves Challenge

Eva loves all kinds of dancing and is often dancing around the flat whether there is music playing or not! She has some seriously crazy dance moves but she would love to do ballet or street dance so we are looking out for classes and hopefully we can afford a few terms for her next year. She was really excited to get involved when I told her about the #Frubesmoves challenge and that she could make a video of her dancing!  I received £9 worth of Yoplait vouchers to spend on Frubes and keep our fridge stocked up with a healthy snack that contains vitamin D and calcium which helps children build strong bones!


Of course we decided to try out the purple pack first 😉 which contains 3x Strawberry, 3x Red berries and 3x Peach flavoured Frubes which the girls very quickly demolished which is fine by me since they contain 50% of a child’s daily Vitamin D. Frubes are currently running a promotion in connection to the new Angry Birds movie which runs until October 31st so each pack has a promotional code inside which you can enter on the Frubes website for a chance to win prizes including a trip to the Bahamas!

You can also practice your #FrubesMoves whilst your there too selecting different Angry Birds/ Pigs, their dance moves, the music & the scenery which Eva spent quite some time playing on creating different dance off’s. Her favourite music style was Funky, no surprise there!

A squawksome dance off!


Eva really enjoyed playing on the website and couldn’t wait to show you all her #FrubesMoves which you can view on my Instagram here. Did you take part too? Who did you want to win the dance off?

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes


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