Peace Keeper by Kelly-Marie Pollock Book Review

Peace Keeper By Kelly-Marie Pollock Book Cover

I was kindly invited to read and review Peace Keeper, the third book of The Nova Morgan Chronicles by Kelly-Marie Pollock. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first two books, Cherry Nova and Hindra’s Heroine I’ve been looking forward to the final book and find out what happens next after such a dramatic ending to Hindra’s Heroine and wasn’t disappointed!

Once again Kelly transports you into Nova’s world following Nova and her friends as they travel between London and Hindra, determined to restore peace to Hindra whatever the cost!

Without giving too much away from the previous books, I will say I was left totally unsure who would survive the fight to bring peace to Hindra, I tend to find a lot of stories become predictable and you can guess who will or won’t make it to the end but I really couldn’t figure it out!

Peace Keeper

Kelly has created such unique personalities for each character and you feel really connected to them making the storyline a real emotional rollercoaster! With some added twists thrown in the mix too, I was an emotional wreck reading Peace keeper, wandering around doing chores, unable to put it down as I was so unsure what would happen and needed to know! I was hoping Nova and her friends would succeed so much.

I was so sad to finish Peace Keeper, it is an amazing read and I really will miss the characters and learning about Hindra.

If you love a book that really draws you into its own little world with amazing characters and an action packed storyline then The Nova Morgan Chronicles are the perfect series to sink your teeth into!

Hindra’s Heroine By Kelly-Marie Pollock

I received Hindra’s Heroine by Kelly-Marie Pollock to review, the third book in the Chronicles of Nova Morgan Collection. I have been completely absorbed in the Chronicles of Nova Morgan, with its unique and hilarious characters and fantastic storyline, and am a little sad this is the final book in the collection.

*Contains adult content including sex, drug use, profanity, and violence*

Hindra's Heroine by Kelly-Marie Pollock Book Cover

Hindra’s Heroine

Holed up in an off-world island in the middle of the Irish Sea, Nova and her allies are nursing their wounds after the battle at Mount Divinity left Nova mortal once again. They’ve all but given up hope on ever finding a way off the island when Ruth, the wayward witch, wakes up screaming, visits assaulting her already fragile mind. With the entity Ultio now puppeteering her limbs, Ruth’s magics lead them back to London, back to where Nova’s story first began. Odyssey.

Join Nova, Ruth, Chaplin, and Noah as they group together with a whole host of new and familiar characters to infiltrate Hindra and take back what’s theirs.

Together, they must face the darkness lingering within and battle their way back to the light, but for one of their number that battle may well be futile.

For she is the slaughter, the world her lamb.

Book cover - Hindra's Heroine by Kelly-Marie Pollock
Kelly-Marie Pollock Author Photo

Kelly-Marie Pollock

Kelly is a married mum of 4 plus 3 adult step-children. She has an intense love of the Victorian era, Vampires, and is waiting for a Zombie uprising. Kelly’s passion is writing. She is also a mental health advocate and BiPolar warrior. When she isn’t reading or writing, she enjoys long nature walks with her husband and their children. Kelly can not get through the day without her morning cup of tea. She uses excessive amounts of sarcasm and profanity in most sentences and she’s not even sorry. (Why would you be!? haha!)

My Thoughts

I had been eagerly waiting for the final part of the trilogy to land in my inbox having thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in the storyline. Once again I was not disappointed! Nova’s strong character and resilience shine through as Ruth takes them back to Odyssey in an attempt to save their friends and take back what’s rightly theirs. Once again I truly didn’t expect the ending at all and was left feeling a little emotional. Kelly-Marie Pollock writes powerful storylines with fabulous characters with their unique personalities. I’m sad to see the story but can’t wait to see what’s next!