Izzy’s Photo Corner – Week One

Izzy’s photo corner is a new series Izzy has come up with and asked me to share on the blog. Watching mummy take blog pictures means she wants to do the same. In fact, she got quite tearful insisting she needed her own blog! That may have more to do with the fact she is slightly jealous of my new camera but if she has an interest in photography and wants to share her shots then why not?

Eva has also decided she would like to write a little bit here and there and share it too so keep an eye out for that! It has been quite some time since their favourite books this week posts so it will be interesting to see what they have to share.

Izzy’s Photo Corner

Izzy's Photo Corner

We compromised and came up with Izzy’s photo Corner where she hopes to share pictures she has taken across the week. I have to admit she is probably better than me when it comes to selfies, especially for a 3-year-old. I guess this cheeky one is for getting her own way and a spot on mummy’s blog!

No Need To Be So Negative!

So looking through her camera roll she picked out her 3 favourite images. The first one is of Eva with a negative filter. My twitter followers may remember me tweeting when she took this picture haha!


The Fishes Are My Friends

The fish tank has been capturing Izzy’s attention since she was weeks old. She loves talking to them and showing them off so its no surprise she had a photo lined up! She thinks the sepia filter works best for fish tank shots, I love that she is exploring the filters.

Goldfish in the fish tank with a small snail on the floor of the tank

Finding Snails

Izzy loves watching the snails move about the tank and looking out for the babies hiding too! A good reminder we should really replace the wood with that amount of eggs. I quite like this shot and love that she has stuck with sepia again. 

Snail Under The Wood


So these are Izzy’s photo corner picks for this week. She hopes you all like them!

DIY Daddy
Burnished Chaos

Summer Blossom – My Sunday Photo

This week Summer Blossom is my Sunday photo. These were taken a week or 2 ago on a lovely walk with the girls. There is something lovely about trees in blossom on a summers day. I love how the flowers really brighten up the path with something slightly different with every few steps. Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Summer Blossom

Summer blossom

I love looking at all the different shades and shapes of flowers, they are quite pretty. Even if I do hate pink!

We walked an entire path littered with these lovely summer blossoms.

Summer blossom

What do you think?


My Sunday Photo – Izzys Dandelion

This weeks #MySundayPhoto is of Izzys Dandelion. She found the dandelion on the walk to pick Eva up from school during the week. I love how these photo’s capture how much she fun she had & how much she loves them!

Izzys Dandelion

Izzys dandelion

Izzy and dandelion

Izzy and dandelion 2

Do you/your kids like dandelions too?


My Sunday Photo – Beer Garden

This week’s #MySundayPhoto was taken in one of our local beer gardens. This particular beer garden (The White Hart in Grays) has some absolutely beautiful flowers dotted around. This shot is definitely on of my favourites, what do you think?

The White Hart Beer Garden

Beer Garden Flowers

Beer Garden Flowers

The girls loved the gorgeous red roses at the back of the beer garden, they are their favourites. The girls really enjoyed wandering around looking at the different flowers & deciding their favourites! It’s always lovely to sit in the sunshine surrounded my stunning flowers like these.

Beer garden - roses

Izzy enjoys looking at flowers but it’s gnomes that really catch her eye. Gnomes seriously amuse Izzy, she loves talking to this gnome as well as the ones on the way to Eva’s school. There must be something about gnomes that attracts children’s attention!
Beer Garden - Gnome

Do you have any lovely beer gardens near you?



My Sunday Photo – The Gull Lightship

The Gull Lightship

The Gull Lightship as it’s known locally or Lightship No.38 is possibly one of the second oldest lightships in Europe. I’ve been taking pictures of this since we moved to the area and still love capturing it whenever we walk along the river.



Pretty flowers On The Way To Physio

I spotted these pretty flowers on my walk to physio last week. They really stood out so I had to take photo! I love seeing bursts of colourful flowers dotted around, it makes such a difference.

Pretty Flowers 

Pretty Flowers

Since winning my LGG4 I am really enjoying taking photo’s of everything. Last month a took a shot of my stretch marks which I’m quite proud of too. I love how you can capture the beauty of everything with a camera handy.

Do you enjoy taking photo’s 

Stretch Marks

My stretch marks after having my 2 beautiful daughters. Taken with the LGG4 I won!

Stretch marks

I used to hate my body before children and it’s been a learning curve since. One thing I have learnt to love is my stretch marks. They remind me my body has been useful enough to carry two healthy girls into this world. It might not be ‘pretty’ but these stretch marks tell a story.