The death of the LGG4

I’m absolutely gutted over the death of the LGG4, my beloved phone I won!The death of the LGG4

A little while ago I mentioned I had tested the LGG4 for TheInsider’s & was lucky enough to keep the phone which honestly i was delighted with as it was a great phone, amazing camera & so easy to use.

However, on Tuesday morning I got up, used the phone as normal & left it on the side whilst I nipped to the toilet. When I came back the LG loading screen had appeared & I figured it had restarted itself. I took the battery out for a few minutes and popped it in again in the hope it had just got a bit warm or something.

Unfortunately the phone just would not go past the loading screen & just wouldn’t load the android operating system at all. After stressing myself out trying to do soft & hard reset’s and not even being able to get into the bootloader myself, I handed it over to Rich, our go to guy for any tech problem.

After quite a few attempt’s he finally managed to attempt the reset’s but each time the phone would begin restarting again without loading the android system & he believes the system has been corrupted as it kept trying to load & update then restart.

After 3 day’s of trying to even get the phone to load & not being able to retrieve any of my data I finally gave up and admitted defeat. I am gutted though If I am honest as there is no way I can afford to replace it at all it was a £500 phone!!! I was so lucky to win it but I am so damn unlucky to have lost everything that I have lost from it. I gave my old phone to my brother as he had no money & needed a new one badly to stay in contact so unfortunately I had no back up phone.

Luckily Rich had an older phone I can borrow until I can sort out a new phone some how but it mean’s I’m not going to be online as much as web pages take months to load on the phone I have borrowed.

I am gutted as I’m now so behind with blogging & I’ve just spent the last 3 days going out of my mind panicking because I can’t be contacted by anyone or contact anyone else if something goes wrong especially as the Mr managed to lose my bank card & it took us a few day’s to sort paying the internet bill so I couldn’t even talk to anyone online either.

I’m sure anyone with anxiety can understand just how awful I have felt the last few days especially with Eva in school & trying to help my brother a few miles down the road, being out & knowing you can’t be contacted if there’s an emergency with your kids is absolutely terrifying! Then to add to it all when I’m home I feel trapped unable to call out or talk to anyone high up on the 11th floor & not knowing many people around us makes it worse.

I have contacted TheInsiders & LG this morning in the hope something can done but I have very little hope.

I have to say the phone whilst working was an absolutely amazing phone but the fact this has happened with no damage, no dodgy download’s etc I definitely won’t be attempting to get an LGG4 again as I have lost so many photo’s, note’s, documents etc as I hardly thought the phone would die after just 8 months. Considering my last 2 phone’s were a HTC one X and a HTC wildfire which both lasted 2 1/2 year’s before selling on with plenty of life left I think when I can afford it I will be going back to a HTC phone of some sort.

If anyone has any phone recommendations please let me know, I will be attempting to scrape together £100 for a second hand phone in the next few months and want something that I can use for blogging & social media with a decent camera. Feel free to share any product reviews in the comments!



    I'm so sorry to hear about your phone! Hope maybe LG will help you it. Have you got a donate page otherwise? Love to help

    LCpl Titwank | 8 years ago Reply

      Im still waiting on a reply from LG and TheInsiders but doubt they will help being a product test :( didnt really consider a funding page for It lol but thanks for the offer :)

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

    HI! I'm just letting you know I've nominated you for the Leibster Award! Cheers

    LCpl Titwank | 8 years ago Reply

    I'm so sorry this happened! :( I hope you can get a new phone in the near future, it's such a necessity these days to have one. A tip for future phones: make frequent backups of your data and/or use a microSD card to store those files on. As they're not dependent on the operating system on your phone, they can be taken out and put into your computer or another phone without a problem, preserving your data. The cards are getting cheaper each year too, so a new card shouldn't hit your wallet too badly. It's a good investment, but remember to also make backups of the cards; they're not indestructible and can flunk out on you as well (but that's true for any tech these days).

    Sanne | 8 years ago Reply

    You could have your friend upload the LG G4 version of android in the boot loader by plugging it in the computer, putting it in recovery, and downloading the android on to the phone. Then bring the boot loader up & download the files in the update menu.

    ShanBaylis | 8 years ago Reply

      He did try that, twice it looled as though it was working but crashed. LG have been in touch though and the G4 will be picked up for repair tuesday :) Thank you though

      relentlesslypurple | 8 years ago Reply

        You're welcome! That really is unfortunate but I am glad they are helping you. Sorry about all that you lost on your phone.

        ShanBaylis | 8 years ago Reply

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