BeanBoozled App From Jelly Belly

The BeanBoozled App from Jelly Belly launched this month alongside the Emoji App. This free mobile app lets you take the BeanBoozled challenge anytime and anywhere. The BeanBoozled app is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.



BeanBoozled App

BeanBoozled consists of 10 pairs of identical Jelly Belly jelly beans with very different flavours! One possibility is absolutely delicious whilst the other is frightening! The Beanboozled app uses a virtual spinner which is a replica of the one from the BeanBoozled Spinner Gift Box.

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The app selects the colour jelly bean the player must try. Using real-time video capability the app allows friends to see your reaction as you spin the virtual spinner and try different Jelly Belly jelly beans. You can connect to your contacts through the app to play with your friends, all players can see the virtual spinner as if you were in the same room!


App Features

The Apps share mode lets you save photos and GIFs from your feed and share it directly to your social media channels. This also gives you the option to add BeanBoozled-themed frames to each photo. The free app also features a flavour menu to identify flavour possibilities from the current 4th Edition mix. It also features a store locator with a postcode search. The apps final feature is a shop online.

4th Edition Flavour Menu

Barf or Peach

Booger or Juicy Pear

Canned Dog Food or Chocolate Pudding

Dead Fish or Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Lawn Clippings or Lime

Mouldy Cheese or Caramel Corn

Rotten Egg or Buttered Popcorn

Spoiled Milk or Coconut

Stinky Socks or Tutti-Frutti

Liquorice or Skunk Spray


This game really is for the brave with those flavours on the list! Eva, of course, couldn’t wait to try them out and use the app so we had to try it out. We decided to take it with us to Will & Alfie’s party. Unfortunately, on her first go, Eva got rotten egg flavour and didn’t want to try again but watched the other’s try them out.

All Jelly Belly jelly beans are certified OU kosher, vegetarian, and free from gelatine, gluten, fat and dairy meaning most people can join in. Make sure to have a plate/bin nearby when you play BeanBoozled though, there were a LOT of jelly beans spat out haha!

Are you brave enough to play the BeanBoozled App?


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    hahaha! We have played BeanBoozled a few times but never with the app... My girls think it's great fun. Last time we played I vomited from eating the Canned Dog Food flavour. lol

    Kim Carberry | 6 years ago Reply

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