Calming Hobbies For Anxiety

I’m focusing on calmig hobbies after I wrote about anxiety last week and how I’ve really been struggling. It is really affecting me, along with depression mostly because I suffer from chronic pain.

Calming Hobbies For Anxiety

I asked readers for tips to help me feel less anxious constantly. One tip I recieved was to write down every thing I want to get off my chest at night and the other was to find a hobby to keep my mind focused.

I have managed to pick up the yarn I needed to finish my knitting project and half way through knitting a scarf too. I have been making an effort to knit a few rows every few hours.


While not a hobby, per se, since we’re on the topic of anxiety, I felt like CBD was worth a mention as something that you could take alongside doing these hobbies to give you a little extra help, since CBD Oil can also be extremely helpful for anxiety, among other things. There are so many companies that sell a variety of products containing CBD oil including gummies, creams, and capsules, such as Blessed CBD. Having tried them myself I can safely say they do provide some health benefits, however dosage may need playing around with to find the perfect dose for you and your individual needs

Writing And Knitting

Every night on my notes I write down everything that has been frustrating me. Knitting, along with writing whats on my mind each night, does feel like its helping. As I write, it feels like a weight is being lifted. With knitting, I think about less and less with every stitch focusing only on the next stitch.

I noticed a lot of my writing each night is about how my pain has limited me throughout the day. It makes me feel useless as I tend to end up sat on the sofa, trying to focus on not moaning too much. However, over the last day or so, I’ve been focusing on my knitting whenever I’m on the sofa. Doing this, I at least feel like I am achieving something, watching my projects grow.

Coping Better

My pain levels have escalated throughout the day but im still feeling positive. I havent had an attack in a few days now and I feel a bit more positive in general so I’m going to keep up the writing and knitting and once Ive finished Izzy’s blanket and scarf I plan to attempt learning crochet!

calming hobbies
Almost complete!

Thank you for the tips and keep them coming in if anyone has any others 🙂

Do you craft? Feel free to link up your makes, I love seeing what other people have created!


    I just found you on Twitter and thought I would take a look at your blog. I also suffer anxiety and depression although I don't share about it on my blog. I don't craft but I find my writing is what gets me through. I have had a bad day today, but writing is my therapy. I look forward to following you and hope we both get through this tough journey with joy and love, nice to meet you. I'm Mackenzie from come link up sometime if you like.

    mackenzieglanville | 9 years ago Reply

      Thanks for visiting my blog and following me on twitter :) Writing really does seem to be helping keep me sane! Its nice to find other ways to manage our problems and get through them day by day. I look forward to following you and checking out your blog too :) I'll pop over in a bit once the little one lets me have my laptop back ;) xx

      relentlesslypurple | 9 years ago Reply

    Love what you're making! I could never seem to get the hang of knitting, or crochet, try as I might, but I find the act of sitting down and working on something like that so very therapeutic. Cross-stitch appears to be my zen craft of the day, I can happily zone out in my thoughts and just stitch away.

    The Day is Today | 9 years ago Reply

      It took me a while to pick up knitting as I am a leftie so I hold my needles wrong but its more comfortable for me and works ok just maybe a little slower than I could be :) I love cross-stitch but find it difficult to keep track of where I am and snap the thread pulling too tight lol crafting is definately the way forward!

      relentlesslypurple | 9 years ago Reply

    I have recently been going through a difficult time with anxiety and feelings of isolation. Anxiety has started to affect my performance at work. I'm a single mum, so I don't have another adult to bounce back off when I'm feeling low or anxious. To get around this I knit too! Which I find truly therapeutic. I have also started to get back into meditation- clearing my mind of thoughts. This technique was advised to me by a life coach and so far it is working! Perhaps you could try this too? Additionally, it is touching for me to read how you manage your chronic pain and associated depression. My older sister was born with a disability and after numerous operations still suffered from chronic pain and some days cannot even stand on her own legs. I've spoke to her before about finding a hobby, to help her get through the grey days, but she has never been interested in my suggestions. I want to show her your blog, as I'm sure your words will have more credibility than my own suggestions!

    IssyMasour | 9 years ago Reply

      Sorry to hear you've been having a difficult time too! I have heard meditation helps but not really looked into it properly so I will do that this evening, Thank you :) I hope showing your sister my blog helps in some way! It can be hard taking advice from those closest to you, my Mr is always suggesting tips and ways to do things and I have to admit I generally find it extremely frustrating as I know he really has no clue what I'm going through, even though he does try to understand. Its the same with my brother he has aspergers amongst other things and he gets so worked up trying to explain to me how he's feeling and he rarely listened to my suggestions. Since I've started talking to him about my constant pain, anxiety and depression though he realises to some extent I do understand how he feels on a bad day and he listens to what I have to say and considers my suggestions now and he seems to be really doing well atm. Helping your sister connect with others in her situation may be helpful, I've found since writing about all of my problems and following other #spoonies and talking with them helps a lot, knowing someone else gets it is comforting. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

      relentlesslypurple | 9 years ago Reply

    Thank you for sharing a bit of what you're going through. I don't really know much but I'm glad I'm here. Good to hear that you're staying positive! Thank you for linking up with #abitofeverything. PS I am curious about your blog name? Is there a story behind it?

    agentspitback | 9 years ago Reply

      Thank you for popping by :) loving the link up! I chose this name as Im obsessed with anything purple and from the age of 5 kept telling people purple was the colour of my insanity 😂😂 I also have an unhealthy love of Relentless the energy drink and its kind of a joke about my obsession with both and my craziness, instead of people telling me im ridiculously crazy they say I am relentlessly purple through and through.. Not quite sure if it makes sense.. Ive never tried to explained it before 😬 haha! Xx

      relentlesslypurple | 9 years ago Reply

        Oh, I see! I must admit I loved your blog name the moment I saw your ID on Twitter! I was thinking "that is such a COOL name!"

        agentspitback | 9 years ago Reply

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