I Just Can’t Brain Some Days

Do you ever have those ‘I can’t brain today’ days? I do quite regularly and it can be very stressful.

My mind wanders.. I’ve no idea where it wander’s to at times but I just can’t focus and feel useless. I find myself just staring blankly at things. Sometimes the smallest of things causes it, other times I just wake up like it.

I struggle to word, I struggle to write, I struggle to adult, I just can’t brain at all. I’m aware of what’s going on around me but struggle to interact. I’ll be scrolling through twitter but have absolutely no idea what to say or if it’s ‘ok’ to comment on something.

It’s frustrating and I get annoyed with myself but I just have to let it pass and try to ride it out. My chest hurts and I have awful dizzy spells. I struggle to interact with people and probably come across a bit moody at times because of it. Some days I just can’t brain and figure out what to say or do. I stress about having to do anything.

The last month or so has been full of ups and downs for me, as I’m sure it has for many others so I’ve been struggling to brain a little more than normal. Forgetting to go to my medication review and running out of tablets for a day or 2 knocked me a bit but luckily I braved a phone call to my GP surgery. I was quite distressed on the phone to my GP surgery where I had missed an appointment but the receptionist could obviously tell. An emergency prescription was arranged to be collected from the chemist around 11am which the Mr got for me. I was also booked in for my medication review which is tomorrow!

Even though I managed the call and everything turned out ok, my chest still hurt when I put the phone down. I still had to try and breathe slowly to try and keep myself calm and stop everything going fuzzy. I hate feeling like this and not being able to stop it.

I’m jumping at everything, something falling, loud noises, something moving near me unexpectedly. I feel stressed at the slightest of things, a mess, something I’ve forgotten, feeling lazy when I’m in so much pain I neglect the few things I need to get done around the flat. The worst part is knowing it is all so irrational. I get so frustrated with myself for it which just makes things even worse and I just can’t brain some days!

Do you struggle to brain some days too? How to you manage it?


I can't brain today





    I get days like that. Too many thoughts competing for space and none of them getting through clearly. It makes me snappy, miserable, and really hard on myself. On days like this I follow something I read on the interweb (yes one of those anoying memes that I usually hate). I dont think about having a good day, I just try to have a day. To get through it with as few upsets as possible, knowing that these spells dont last forever and tomorrow I may feel fine xxxx

    Tracey Abrahams | 7 years ago Reply

      I hate days like this but the more I talk with other's who know what it's like the easier it is to ride through the days xxxx

      RelentlesslyPurple | 7 years ago Reply

    I was just going to suggest medication before I read the part about your medication review! I’m glad you’ve got support! I do, actually sometimes find myself just sitting there, staring off into space. I think to myself, “I should get up,” but I don’t do it. I’ve wasted SO MUCH TIME doing that. I hate it!

    Nicole | 7 years ago Reply

    I struggle with it too. I have stuff to do but can't concentrate on it. Some days anything that requires brain power goes out the window. Erica Hughes recently posted...Childcare.co.uk: The Easy Way To Find Local Childcare #AdMy Profile

    Erica Hughes | 5 years ago Reply

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