Sunshine Bloggers Award

I know some people aren’t keen on The Sunshine Bloggers Award or these types of posts in general but I enjoy doing them & reading other peoples answers so when I saw a tweet from Sarah who blogs at Mum&Mor letting me know she had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger’s award I couldn’t wait to get started! So here’s my answers.. 

  1. What is your favourite food? I always used to say Chinese.. Whilst it is still up there I now eat such a huge variety of meals it’s pretty hard to choose! At the moment I’d probably go for BBQ pulled chicken wraps with spicy rice & nacho cheese ridged wedges smothered in Nando’s peri-peri salt! My favourite seems to be changing weekly though.. Haha!
  2. The first object to your right is your weapon during a zombie invasion. What is the weapon and how screwed are you? A cup of tea..I’m sure I’ll be fine.. At least I’ll get my caffeine fix?
  3. What is your favourite social media platform and how many followers do you have on it? Twitter of course! I have just over 3100 followers at the moment and absolutely love chatting to anyone.. I’m slowly getting less awkward and slowly learning to converse in under 140 characters haha!
  4. What bad things have you experienced during blogging? Losing my blogging mojo has to be the worst. I’ve had very few bad experiences so far even on my first blog apart from feeling I’m not ‘good enough’. I’ve realised though that the blogging world is HUGE and as long as i am happy doing my own thing that’s all that matters.
  5. What good things have you experienced during blogging? I’ve found some amazing people to chat to who have helped me through the rough days without even knowing it. Sometimes chatting helps a lot! I find blogging a great stress relief as I can get everything off my chest & if someone reads & relates that is brilliant.. If not I’ve still got it out there instead of holding it in.
  6. If you could be an animal for a day, what animal would you be and why? Definitely a dog.. Who wouldn’t want to be mans best friend!? Playing and getting cuddles all day looks awesome!
  7. You may choose one special ability out of two: living forever or being able to fly. Which one do you choose and why? I’d go for the ability to fly every time. No way would I want to live forever. At least if I can fly I can get to my brothers a lot more & get so much more done!
  8. What is the best day out you have ever experienced? Wow.. That’s a tough one.. Most of my days out have been spoilt in some way.. I’d probably go with my day out at Wat Tyler when we met up with my brother too it was a lovely day until my so called friend turned it into a very stressful day. Up until then Eva was over the moon getting a bit of freedom as long as she stayed within the limits I had set, watching my brother play with the girls in a place we had been to as kids ourselves was lovely and I can’t wait to go again!
  9. Which film has made you cry the most? Green Mile! One of my absolute favourites but the tears come on full blast near the end. Don’t tell people though as I don’t get emotional watching films.. Apart from this one!
  10. What is your ultimate pet-peeve and why? People who eat with their mouths WIDE open.. Like come on seriously.. If I wanted to see it I’d ask.. Bleurgh!

I’m nominating this lot to answer the question’s I’ve set below:

  1. Tracey – OneFrazzledMum
  2. Tracey – HooksandDragon
  3. Martyn – InsideMartynsThoughts
  4. Jo – FirstTimeValleyMam
  5. Al – OMGitsagirl

The rules are simple. Answer my questions below on a new blog post of yours, and then nominate another 5 bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Awards.

  1. What makes your blog unique and stand out from the crowd?
  2. What’s your dream job?
  3. Your officially a superhero.. How does your costume look?
  4. Who is your favourite author?
  5. What is your dream car?
  6. How do you ‘chill’?
  7. Outside of blogging what are your top 3 things to do?
  8. What is the cutest thing you’ve seen/heard this week?
  9. Are you looking forward to Christmas or dreading it?
  10. Where’s your favourite place to be?

If your taking part make sure to tweet me when your post goes live so I can give it some love & shares too!

Sisterhood Of The World

Sisterhood Of The World

Sisterhood Of The World Nomination

I was nominated to take part in the sisterhood of the world Award thanks to @thewaitress88 🙂

I find these kinds of things quite fun to fill out so it didn’t take me too long to answer my 10 questions and come up with 10 more for those I’ve tagged 😀



Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog

Answer the questions given to you

Nominate 10 bloggers for the award

Write 10 questions for your nominees to answer

Display the award on your blog/post


My Q&A’s

If you had to live without one of your senses, what would it be?

After putting some thought into this I decided I’d prefer to live without my hearing above all my other senses although I’d still hate not hearing my daughter’s voices (as much as some day’s they drive me crazy!) or listening to music.

If you could get away with a crime would you? If yes what would it be?

Hmm this is a tough one! It would probably be a petty crime doing something silly like trespassing and skinny dipping in someones pool.. Because surely if your going to break the law and get into trouble you may aswell have fun doing it, right?

What animal best represents you & why?

I’d say a dog because they are loyal and loving & try to do anything to please those they love.

Why did you choose your profession?

I don’t have a profession, I was studying Childcare and then changed my mind to ICT but didn’t manage to finish either course due to ill health & my miscarriage. I’m really hoping to work in Admin or something similar when I am feeling better and managing my pain, anxiety and depression well 🙂

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

New Zealand. On my dad’s side my grandfather was from New Zealand, its always been an interesting place to me and finding this out at 18 has left me wanting to visit ever since.

If you could take only 3 items to a desert island what would they be?

A book, my knitting & a solar powered mp3 player 😉

What was your dream job growing up?

I wanted to work in childcare with young children so badly. Unfortunately my work experience really has put me off as much as I really enjoyed working with the kids.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and would you use it?

Healing powers. I hate seeing people in pain and suffering especially those I love and always hate the fact I cant take it away and make it better for them.

How would your best friend describe you?

Crazy as hell, obsessed with literally ANYTHING that is purple, caring and loyal.

Who is your personal hero?

I cant really think of anyone I would class as my hero if I am honest.


I really enjoyed taking part in this and answering my questions, Here’s my questions for those I have nominated..

  1.  If you & your family could move anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 
  2. If you had 1 hour to do absolutely anything you like (with no restrictions i.e money, travel etc) what would you do?
  3.  What are your top 3 books?
  4. If you could support only one charity for life which one would it be & why?
  5.  What was the most useful item you bought in 2015?
  6. If you could have dinner with absolutely anyone living or not who would it be and what would you talk about?
  7. Whis your favorite hobby? (Apart from blogging) 
  8. What is your dream car?
  9. Do you have any pets?
  10. What do you collect?


My Nominees