Orange Rose – My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo this week is of a discarded orange rose that caught my eye the other day as we left one of our favourite parks. The park itself has a gorgeous garden area which is always beautiful to look at. There are lots of lovely flowers, trees and bushes dotted all around the park. This discarded orange rose really stood out in a garden of perfect flowers and lush green grass.

Orange Rose

Sometimes things like this just capture your eye and you have to take a photo. I love how bright the orange is against the green grass and the way the sun shines on the rose. Roses are also my favourite flower, although I much prefer purple roses to orange. There is something about finding discarded flowers like this that just draw you in though. It’s also a lovely reminder that there is always imperfections amongst beauty.

Photo opportunities like this always seem to draw me in, what about you?


Picture in A Cloud – My Sunday Photo

I spotted a picture in a cloud for this weeks #mysundayphoto. I spend a fair amount of time watching the clouds from my window. It can get quite boring without a garden but I spotted this a few nights ago. To me, it looks like there is a firefighter with a hose beneath a tree with smoke puffing out of it.

Picture in a cloud

I spot all kinds of lovely things from my windows from rainbows to cloud shapes and enjoy taking photos. Whilst I would love to get out with my camera a bit more, I am lucky to have some great views. 

Do you ever notice a picture in a cloud? Do you see the same as I do in this cloud or something different? 


Sharky McShark Face – My Sunday Photo

This week, Sharky Mcshark Face is My Sunday Photo. This photo was taken during a walk with Izzy last week. Izzy loves to wander down to the sea wall to watch the boats on the river. She also pops her head around the gates of the yacht club to see any boats in the yard.

There is a second yard with a few boats in too, which is where we spotted Sharky Mcshark Face. We both found this so amusing that we had to take a photo. We probably spent a good 20 minutes talking about Sharky and making up a story about him.

Sharky McShark Face

Sharky McShark Face

Izzy says that Sharky looks like it’s sailing across the bushes to eat the smaller boat! What do you think? He does look rather hungry..

I love finding silly things like this on our walks, we make up fun little stories about them. Boatyards are especially fun as they often have paintings or names on the boats. This is definitely the best boat in the yard at the moment. We will have to look out for some more!

What do you think of Sharky McShark Face? Do you know of any boats with cool paintings like this?


My Sunday Photo – Fun At Discover & Stratford Station

This weeks My Sunday photo’s were taken at Discover in Stratford (London) and outside Stratford station.

Whilst I fully admit to being completely rubbish and unable to do this fantastic place any justice with my photography (how do you get rid of those light spots!?) the girls loved both the event we attended and Discover.


This magical tree with it’s musical notes makes us all want to go back again very soon!


Outside Izzy was ecstatic to see this wooden taxi she had seen earlier in the week on google images. She dived straight in demanding I take a picture to send to her daddy so he knew she had found it haha!

Toot toot

Stratford station

Just when we thought the excitement was over for the day we headed back to Stratford Station. Eva spotted ‘Robert’ though and had to have a photo too!

Stratford Station

What do you think?


Summer Blossom – My Sunday Photo

This week Summer Blossom is my Sunday photo. These were taken a week or 2 ago on a lovely walk with the girls. There is something lovely about trees in blossom on a summers day. I love how the flowers really brighten up the path with something slightly different with every few steps. Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Summer Blossom

Summer blossom

I love looking at all the different shades and shapes of flowers, they are quite pretty. Even if I do hate pink!

We walked an entire path littered with these lovely summer blossoms.

Summer blossom

What do you think?


My Sunday Photo – Izzys Dandelion

This weeks #MySundayPhoto is of Izzys Dandelion. She found the dandelion on the walk to pick Eva up from school during the week. I love how these photo’s capture how much she fun she had & how much she loves them!

Izzys Dandelion

Izzys dandelion

Izzy and dandelion

Izzy and dandelion 2

Do you/your kids like dandelions too?


My Sunday Photo – The Moving Mannequin

The moving mannequin is this weeks #MySundayPhoto taken at the Grays Fire Museum 10th anniversary open day!

We had a fantastic day which I’ll share with you all tomorrow but for now.. guess which one isn’t a mannequin??

Mannequin or not?

Can you figure out which one is the moving mannequin?



My Sunday Photo -Custom Triumph

This week’s #mysundayphoto is a Custom Triumph we saw in town last week. I love the shade of red used on the Triumph and especially love the skulls! The Mr had a chat with the guy who owned it too. I love spotting motorbike’s I haven’t seen around before or customised bikes like this.


Custom Triumph

Custom Triumph

Custom Mudguard

Custome Triumph Helmet

What do you think?


My Sunday Photo – Beer Garden

This week’s #MySundayPhoto was taken in one of our local beer gardens. This particular beer garden (The White Hart in Grays) has some absolutely beautiful flowers dotted around. This shot is definitely on of my favourites, what do you think?

The White Hart Beer Garden

Beer Garden Flowers

Beer Garden Flowers

The girls loved the gorgeous red roses at the back of the beer garden, they are their favourites. The girls really enjoyed wandering around looking at the different flowers & deciding their favourites! It’s always lovely to sit in the sunshine surrounded my stunning flowers like these.

Beer garden - roses

Izzy enjoys looking at flowers but it’s gnomes that really catch her eye. Gnomes seriously amuse Izzy, she loves talking to this gnome as well as the ones on the way to Eva’s school. There must be something about gnomes that attracts children’s attention!
Beer Garden - Gnome

Do you have any lovely beer gardens near you?



My Sunday Photo – Along The Sea Wall 

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken during a walk along the sea wall. Having this on your doorstep when the weather turns nice is always a bonus! I’m a little obsessed with taking pictures of the river & boats when we walk along the sea wall. I definitely need to work on my photography skills but thought this shot didn’t turn out too bad!

Along the sea wall