Sharky McShark Face – My Sunday Photo

This week, Sharky Mcshark Face is My Sunday Photo. This photo was taken during a walk with Izzy last week. Izzy loves to wander down to the sea wall to watch the boats on the river. She also pops her head around the gates of the yacht club to see any boats in the yard.

There is a second yard with a few boats in too, which is where we spotted Sharky Mcshark Face. We both found this so amusing that we had to take a photo. We probably spent a good 20 minutes talking about Sharky and making up a story about him.

Sharky McShark Face

Sharky McShark Face

Izzy says that Sharky looks like it’s sailing across the bushes to eat the smaller boat! What do you think? He does look rather hungry..

I love finding silly things like this on our walks, we make up fun little stories about them. Boatyards are especially fun as they often have paintings or names on the boats. This is definitely the best boat in the yard at the moment. We will have to look out for some more!

What do you think of Sharky McShark Face? Do you know of any boats with cool paintings like this?