Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10 seems to be a common issue users face. When I first started using my Canon Ixus 285HS I was so pleased with it. It has wi-fi connectivity & couldn’t wait to use it with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. After several searches online for a solution, I eventually gave up & found an old memory card reader instead. This worked just fine for the last two months…

Canon Ixus 285HS

Memory Card Reader

As some of my readers may know, I’ve had a pretty rough time lately with lots of big & small things going wrong. No surprise then that my memory card reader suddenly decided it didn’t want to work at all. Admittedly the reader is older than Izzy but it led to me having quite a strop. I don’t have the correct USB lead as the camera came without one. The Mr tried to help out pointing me to several articles that seemed likely to work but with no luck. Plenty of advice about setting it up in the network & sharing centre but nothing worked at all.

Have You Turned It Off & On Again?

Several times I tried turning the camera on & off, connecting & reconnecting to the Surface. It all looked set up as it had before but still unable to transfer images! I tried completely uninstalled and then re-installed the Canon Utilities software on the surface too, disconnecting & connecting the camera, failing each time. There was nothing else in the PDF Manual on Canon’s site either. I started getting so frustrated I simply worked through every connectivity setting on the Surface in the hope something, anything would work.

A Solution At Last!

Eventually, I worked out that simply connecting the camera with the software installed doesn’t work at all on Windows 10. UNLESS you also add your camera as a Bluetooth Device! I was shocked relieved when the Ixus 285HS suddenly connected and I could import all my photo’s at last! I double checked back through all the articles & guides we had found & not once did we find this mentioned anywhere!

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

If you are having the same issue with your Canon Ixus 285HS transferring images with Windows 10 then it is a very simple fix! (Once you know how haha!) Go into your Windows 10 Control panel, Bluetooth Devices & add a device. It doesn’t show you an option for a camera so I clicked on ‘Everything else’ which worked just fine. Make sure your camera connectivity is turned on & the software is installed too & it should automatically pop up asking if you want to transfer all the images from your Canon Ixus 285HS to your photo’s.

It may seem like such a simple, logical explanation but having seen forum after forum full of users facing the same issue, it obviously gets missed from time to time. I have to admit I am really relieved I finally found how to transfer images to my surface via wi-fi. It saves me from having to take the memory card out each time & keeps my only USB port free too. Hopefully, this post helps out someone else who is struggling with their Canon Ixus 285HS transferring images with Windows 10 too!

Have you had this issue?

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Getting To Know My Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I’ve been getting to know my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that the Mr got me for Christmas. Microsoft call it the tablet that can replace your laptop.. and they were right!

Surface Pro 3

I have the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i5 on Windows 10 with 128GB memory & 4GBRAM in silver with a 12″ display. It’s amazingly light compared to my old chunky Dell D620 laptop!

Having stuck to Windows 7 for a while it took me a day or so to get to grips with the system and how it works, and most importantly where everything is! Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty simple & I actually quite like the Menu’s, something I thought I might not be keen on having seen my friend use his when he got it.

It has a lovely clear 12″ screen which at first I thought I might struggle with but in all honesty it feels like the perfect size!

Mr of course has to purple my present in some way so he also got me the Purple keyboard to go with it! Now it is so much easier for me to write my blog posts again (you may have noticed I’ve posted a lot more since Christmas!).

My old laptop took years to load and if I was lucky if I could maybe edit one post in an entire weekend so had to rely on my phone & using th3e Mr’s PC when he wasn’t around. Now I can get a post written in no time. I love that the Surface Pro 3 has a stand as it’s handy whether in Tablet mode or as a Laptop/PC with the keyboard attached. I can literally write from anywhere now. I love curling up in my corner and having the whole set up laid flat across my legs so I can type with the keyboard still.

The Surface Pen took a little getting used to, being left handed I had to change the settings to left handed and have found it much easier.. except for when I decided to write with my right.. being ambidextrous isn’t always that ‘handy’ haha! I’ve now worked out the buttons on it and love how quick and easy it is to select and copy/paste text. I’d be a little lost without my pen now & have tried to use it on my phone several times too.. It doesn’t work if you were wondering 😉

I love how it is benefiting the Mr too! Anyone that follows me on Twitter has probably seen a rant or 2 about the Mr’s phone. It struggles to receive ANY signal or Wi-Fi anywhere yet when we are in the kitchen he can connect to Wi-Fi using my Surface Pro 3 as  hotspot which unlike my laptop shares my Wi-Fi connection! Hopefully within a few months there will be no need for this and we will have replaced the Mr’s phone but it is very handy!

I haven’t yet had a play with Cortana but I have heard it is a amazing.. I’ll do another post when I get round to it. I think I’ll feel a tad silly talking to Cortana at first though!

The Surface Pro 3 also has a front and back 5mp camera with video recording capabilities in 1080p. We tested this out Christmas day Face Timing my friend Slim who is currently in Guyana. Although I hid the whole time as I’m not keen on voice/video calls I did keep an eye on how well the camera worked and it was surprisingly good for a video call! The Camera’s also have a privacy light each so you know when the Camera’s are active.

Sound wise it’s not the loudest but to be honest I usually put music on the Mr’s PC and play it through our sound system. The speakers do have Dolby enhanced sound which I have to admit whilst not particularly loud it is very clean and clear to listen to.

Browsing the web and swapping between applications is ridiculously quick (especially if your using a pre-historic laptop!). Everything runs smoothly and quickly with very little lag even when I have everything in the world open! This was my main issue with the laptop and the Surface Pro 3 has seriously blown me away with it’s capabilities.

There are also several ports including USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort and micro SD card reader which is extremely useful as well as a headphone jack.

I love the fact I can download games from the App store too and also play Xbox games!! I am soo getting wireless controllers haha! I’ve already installed my favourite word game and tried a few out and the display is awesome! I played a racing game thinking there was no way moving the Surface Pro 3e around would work as well as on my phone. Well I was wrong! It is so much better than my phone! It responds so well I even came first in a race I tend to lose on my phone.

There are sooo many features on the Surface Pro 3 that I think I will carry on checking them out and write another post once I’ve really had a play!

So far though the Surface Pro 3 is a definite win and the Mr has had a ton of praise for it! I would definitely recommend it to bloggers who like to write on the go as well as at home.