Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband deals can be a nightmare. There are just so many offers out there. Before you purchase any kind of broadband packages, there are several things you need to consider. We’ve actually stayed with the same company for quite a long time now but every now and then we do shop around.

Comparing Broadband Deals

Comparing Broadband Deals

When it comes to comparing broadband deals you really need to consider several things to ensure the package is just right for you such as those offered by CenturyLink internet plans. Whether you are looking for email access, business use, family use, gaming or streaming there are different packages perfectly suited.


There are various broadband speeds available but what you need depends on your individual usage. If you are only checking emails you aren’t going to need a super-fast broadband package. If however, you love to stream films and play games, have various devices and users, a super-fast package is more likely to be the best option. We use a super-fast package as all 4 of us use the internet in some way.

Download Allowances

Most packages range from 2GB to unlimited download allowances. If you are simply checking emails a 2GB allowance is perfect. For web browsing and occasionally watching youtube or similar you are going to need somewhere between 10-30GB. As with the speed, if you are a gamer, film buff or have various devices and users then anywhere from 40GB to unlimited would be ideal. We have an unlimited download allowance which is perfect for our family.


As we found when we moved into our current home, not all services are available in all areas and buildings. Due to living in a high-rise flat, we are fairly limited as to which broadband companies we can access. It’s worth checking beforehand as we found out at the last minute.


As with most services these days some deals offer add-ons such as phone lines or TV packages. Only agree to a deal that offers exactly what you need. We don’t have a TV or phone package as we don’t use them enough to warrant them. Consider how much time you may use a phone or TV package before agreeing.

Internet Security

Internet Security

Most companies even offer an Internet security package too but again check price differences. Sometimes a standalone security package can work out better value with more protection. Everyone needs some form of protection against viruses.

Shop Around

It really is worth shopping around as you can save a lot of money. Depending on your needs as an internet user, you can find a great deal by shopping around. Sometimes there’s as much as £40 difference between packages!

Do you compare broadband deals before deciding which package is right for you?

RFIDSecur Wallet Launching On Kickstarter

RFIDSecur Wallet is launching on Kickstarter. Using blocking technology that protects bank and ID cards from wireless attacks this is a revolutionary idea.

Steel Grey RFIDSecur Wallet

RFID Cloaked Ltd

You may remember me talking about the RFIDSecur Card launch 2 years ago. After a huge success, smashing their crowdfunding target, they have developed the innovative new RFIDsecur Wallet with Active Alert.

Crimson RFIDSecur Wallet

RFIDsecur Wallet

The RFIDsecur Wallet has two slide-out trays and a sleek, minimalist design. This allows for simple one-handed use for both right and left-handers. The Active Alert feature lights up when a contactless card reader is detected, warning you of thieves trying to steal your card data. Cleverly there are no batteries needed for this innovative Wallet.

Innovative Design

Made with a metalised ABS and polycarbonate frame has a beautifully functional design (Did I mention it will be available in PURPLE!?). They have 5 colours that will be available. Simply slide out your card to make a payment and it will automatically retract. The car stays secure in your wallet the whole time.

RFIDSecur Wallet

The RFIDsecur™ Wallet with Active Alert is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Julian Ghail and Reuben Millard who co-founded RFID Cloaked with the goal of improving personal financial and data security.

Jade Green RFIDSecur

Kickstarter Launch

The RFIDsecur Wallet with Active Alert is launching on Kickstarter today. Earlybird pledges will start from £39 for the standard wallet or £49 for the wallet with in-built theft detection. They are aiming to raise £15,000 ($19,000 USD). This will cover tooling and production costs.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Thursday 20th December 18:00 UTC. If you’d like to get your very own RFIDsecur™ Wallet with Active Alert then back their Kickstarter campaign, by visiting it here:

I can’t wait for this to launch as I love the RFID card and know this will be just as great. I have had the RFID Card in my purse for the last 2 years and felt safe from contactless card fraud. 

Nokia 8110 4GB Black Slide Phone From Ao

I was sent a Nokia 8110 4GB Slide Phone from Ao to review last week in black! Full of nostalgia, this mobile phone is based on the iconic 1996 model featured in the 1999 blockbuster The Matrix. With a more modern, sleeker look and feel with 4G capabilities and even a 2MP camera, the retro Nokia 8110 is available in black or yellow from for £65. HMD is producing a ‘Nokia Originals’ range which started with the 3310 followed by the 8110.

Nokia 8110 4G Black Slide Phone Review

Inside The Box

  • Handset
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Headphones


  • Slide Phone
  • Dimensions – (H)13.3 x (W)4.9 x (D)1.5
  • 2.4 Inch Screen
  • MicroSim 
  • MicroSD Slot – Expandable up to 64GB
  • Micro USB charging 
  • 2MP Rear Camera with LED Flash
  • KaiOS
  • 4GB Memory
  • 4G & 3G
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Dual-Core (2×1.1 GHz Cortex-A7) 


The new Nokia 8110 is a much sleeker version than the original Nokia 8110. Still keeping its curve but doing away with the aerial makes the 8110 nice to look at and hold. The curve can make it a little awkward to carry in pockets but if you’re looking for a touch of nostalgia this is the perfect phone.

Nokia 8110 - Closed

Unfortunately, unlike in The Matrix, there is no spring-loaded action for the slider although this was considered. It’s a shame as I think this would have packed the perfect punch but then I guess if it had any issues it could be quite costly for a budget phone.

Nokia 8110 Retro Phones

I love the slider, it locks and unlocks the screen with a satisfying click. It definitely gives off that nostalgic look and feel of the 90’s

Nokia 8110 -Open


Setting Up

The 1500mAh battery needs to be put into the handset and charged before use and only took just over 2 hours to fully charge. I inserted a microSIM and turned the device on. 

Retro Phones - Nokia 8110 4G

The phone runs on KaiOS and turns on fairly quickly. When the phone turns on you are prompted to connect to a wifi network. I connected to our home Wifi using the T9 input which I found easy reverting back to, even after all these years! The wifi connected quickly and I was taken to the next screen where I was prompted to create a KaiOS account with an anti-theft service. A KaiOS account allows you to remotely lock or wipe all the data on your phone.

Once the set up was all done I just needed to synch the time correctly and the Nokia 8110 4G was ready to go!


For a phone with a tiny 2.4inch screen, I expected to find a blocky looking interface. The QVGA resolution means although it is a tiny screen is displayed really well although as it is LED it isn’t easy to see in sunlight and you definitely won’t be watching HD videos with it.

Nokia 8110 From

Unless you open the slider you can’t really use the phone as it isn’t touchscreen, however, you can turn on the screen to check the time by pressing the power button on the right-hand side.  


I wasn’t sure what to expect when opening the Menu, I guess I only expect 5/6 items. There are all the typical options you’d expect from a mobile phone, Call Log, Contacts, Messages, Settings, Clock, Calander, Camer, Gallery etc. There there’s the KaiOS Store, Youtube, Assistant, Music, Video, Google, Google Maps, Note, Calculator, Recorder & a unit converter.

Nokia 8110 Menu

For a remake of a phone over 20 years old they have managed to squeeze quite a bit into this funky phone.  I was surprised to find not just a remake of the classic game Snake but 3 other games preloaded too.


Snake is the one game we ALL miss and remember about our beloved Nokia phones from the 90’s. Who didn’t love playing Snake, beating your top score? The remake of Snake is quite different, now the game is in colour and the snake can CURVE! As with the classic Snake, there are several levels getting harder as you go along. Collect the apples and make sure you don’t crash into the end of your snake.

Snake - Nokia 8110

The new version of Snake just isn’t quite the same. Whilst I can appreciate the need for a more updated version I think people will find the new version of Snake a bit too modern. It is still fun to play but just doesn’t have the same feel.

KaiOS Store

Running on KaiOS, the 8110 has access to the store which has 3 categories, Games, Social and utilities. I was quite impressed that there are several games available for the Nokia 8110. Social and utility apps are lacking slightly with just Twitter for Social and Weather & Maps for Utilities. When you consider the 1996 model though this is a hugely modernised phone!


The 2MP camera, you can’t really expect a lot from but it will take a quick snap. You won’t be able to edit the image and you are very limited with sharing on social media but the Nokia 8110 does have a camera, flash and records videos.

Retro Mobile Phones - Nokia 8110 From


The 1500mAh battery in the Nokia 8110 is designed to last 600 hours on standby and 7 hours talk time which is pretty impressive these days! Nokia is well known for their long battery life and users won’t be disappointed with the new Nokia 8110. Using Micro USB for charging makes it easy to charge anywhere.


With 4G and 3G capability, you can browse the web and access the internet. You can access Twitter, Google Maps, Assistant & browse the web. The Nokia 8110 does have limited access however it can be used as a wifi hotspot making this phone the perfect festival/holiday phone for everyone to connect to.

Overall Thoughts

The Nokia 8110 is a more modern version of the classic with a much smoother, sleeker look and feel. For a limited feature phone with a long battery life, it would be fantastic for festivals, holidays, backpacking & more.

At £65 this retro phone would be an ideal back up. It’s been fun playing snake again even if it isn’t quite the same and I can definitely see why the Nokia 8110 will appeal to a lot of people. As a blogger, I like the idea of being able to check twitter but not be bothered by other social media notifications when I need a break too. This phone could certainly serve several purposes. After the success of the 3310, I can see the 8110 doing just as well.

What do you think of the Nokia 8110 4G?

Personalised Stationery From Printkick

Buying Personalised stationery from Printkick for businesses or individuals is quick & easy. With an extensive range of products from Business notebooks, corporate pens & even printed sweets, Printkick has your branded needs covered. You can request a free, no obligation quote on all their products.

Printkick Goody Bag

Printkick Branded Goody Bag

The goody bag I received has a cute kitty design along with Printkick’s branding on one side and a cool pattern on the other! The bag itself is super soft & squishy and feels well made. Unfortunately, I can quickly see Izzy stealing this if she gets a chance.

Patterned Printkick Goody bag

Branded A5 Notebook

Personalised stationery - Red printkick notebook

I love notebooks, I currently have 5 notebooks on my desk & I’m more than happy to add the lovely A5 leather red notebook with Printkick’s branding embossed on the front. I love that this notebook has a band to keep it shut & a page marker. It also has a pocket inside the back cover for any loose notes or pictures, a fab feature!

Pocket for loose notes - Printkick notebook

Branded Pen

Printkick branded pen

The next item, a soft touch grey pen with Printkick’s branding on is another favourite for me. I love a nice pen that flows freely & this is perfect. It has a little weight to it which I quite like too.

3-in-1 Mousemat

Printkick Mousemat

I think the 3-in-1 mousemat, screen wipe & screen protector with the cat design which is also in the bag is a fab product. It’s soft on top with a good grip on the bottom.

W Cable 3-in-1

W Cable 3-in-1

The Printkick W cable 3-in-1 is perfect for us. I use a Type C lead for my phone but the Mr still has a Micro USB so this fab little lead will make recharging on the go even easier. It will also mean carrying less bulk on days out as we only need the one cable instead of 2. It has a fast charge output of 2A and has a strong silicone flat cable that is non-tangle. The W Cable is compatible with all devices including Android phones, tablets, Windows phone, Go Pro, GPS & Apple items too.

Printed Speaker

Printkick branded portable Bluetooth speaker

On top of all these fab printed items, the goody bag also included a portable Bluetooth speaker with Printkick branding. You can either plug this handy little speaker in using the cable provided or connect via Bluetooth. There’s a backtrack & fast forward button & play/pause as well as the option to switch from Bluetooth to an MP3 connection. This Bluetooth speaker will read TF cards & also acts as a mic too!

Personalised Stationery

Most of my readers will no doubt know by now I love stationery! I have so much laying around yet I always want more. I was kindly sent a branded Printkick goody bag to review which includes a selection of high quality printed products. Printkick offer stationery, drinkware, branded bags and more. They have a fab range of giveaway items perfect for businesses or bloggers celebrating milestones too!

Ordering Personalised Stationery From Printkick

Contour Frost Ballpen
Credit: Printkick

I have a few giveaways coming up next month so I took a browse myself for personalised stationery I could include. I discovered gorgeous purple Contour Frost Ballpens & I decided to submit a quote request for 250 pens. I chose one colour with printed in the blog font, late one night. I received a quote the very next morning at a very reasonable price. I’ll be ordering some, hopefully in time for my giveaways next month. Compared to many sites I have looked at for a similar product, I know it’s a great deal for such quality.

Having sampled this goody bag myself, I can safely say Printkick will be my first choice when it comes to ordering branded products and personalised stationery. The quality speaks for itself and I would definitely recommend them to businesses and individuals alike.

Do you love personalised stationery too? What do you think of Printkick’s range of branded products?

5 Products I Discovered & Love So Far This Year

I’ve put together 5 products I discovered and LOVE so far this year. As a blogger, I often receive products to review & I am always on the hunt for new products too. No doubt readers are often left wondering if we still love the products we mention or review. Do we still use them later down the line or do we find a replacement? I have fallen in love with 5 products so far this year.

5 Products I Love


Altruist Dermatologist SPF 50 Sunscreen

One thing I HATE about sunscreen is how sticky it is & how sweaty we all look covered in the stuff. Altruist is totally different though, it feels much more like a moisturiser and soaks into your skin so quickly. It also doesn’t stain clothing, a big win when you are rushing to sunscreen a child before school or topping up at the park! An affordable sunscreen option that is perfect for all the family. Having used this several times, including Saturday when it turned into a scorcher whilst we were at the local park, I can safely say I won’t be touching another sunscreen from now on!


5 Products I love - Drops yarn


Drops Paris Yarn From Wool Warehouse

I decided I needed to step out of my crocheting comfort zone and try to make the girls some cardigans. Naturally, I asked Twitter for help & having a quick browse through suggestions Drops Paris Yarn seemed ideal. 100% Cotton, this gorgeous yarn is so soft and comes in amazing pastel shades, perfect for the paste rainbow look we wanted! I ordered one lot for the first hooded cardigan & instantly fell in love, as did the girls. I quickly ordered an even bigger stash of Drops Paris and am halfway through Eva’s cardigan. This will definitely be a yarn I’ll be buying again and again!

Crochet cardigan using Drops Paris


Peter's Yard Charcoal & Rye Sourdough Crispbread
Credit: Peter’s Yard

Peters Yard Charcoal & Rye Sourdough Crispbread 

The Mr got to try out a fab Fathers Day Hamper from Prestige Hampers which included these amazingly moreish crispbreads. Since we finished the packet I have consistently moaned that I want more. They taste amazing with cheese & having now discovered where I can order them online, I can see them being a regular in the cupboard! Who doesn’t love cheese & a good cracker/crispbread!?

Mental Health

Happy Post

Happy Post Cards

The name says it all really, how can you not love something designed to give happiness? Happy postcards are sent to those that need something to brighten their day & now Katie has added printable Happy Post Cards too. Now everyone can spread a little happiness!


ZAGG ifrogz Little Rockerz Children's Volume Limiting On-Ear Headphones, Kitten & Princess

ZAGG ifrogz Little Rockerz Children’s Volume Limiting On-Ear Headphones, Kitten & Princess

When you have 2 children who own tablets, headphones are absolutely necessary. I am so done with hearing Peppa pig & Scooby Doo on repeat, cheesy pop songs & ‘prank’ videos drive me insane! When Izzy broke her super girls headphones I got the girls a set of these funky headphones each, Kitten for Izzy & Princess for Eva. They are amazing! Not only do they protect my ears but they protect theirs too with an 85 decibel sound limit. The second best thing about these? No, not that they are cute, they have buddy jacks! This enables the girls to plug their headphones into the other set and listen from one tablet. Perfect when Eva’s tablet dies sooner than Izzy’s and great for long journeys too.

These are the top 5, stand out products we’ve used & fallen in love with this year that I couldn’t recommend more!

Do you have 5 Products you have discovered & loved so far this year?



Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10 seems to be a common issue users face. When I first started using my Canon Ixus 285HS I was so pleased with it. It has wi-fi connectivity & couldn’t wait to use it with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. After several searches online for a solution, I eventually gave up & found an old memory card reader instead. This worked just fine for the last two months…

Canon Ixus 285HS

Memory Card Reader

As some of my readers may know, I’ve had a pretty rough time lately with lots of big & small things going wrong. No surprise then that my memory card reader suddenly decided it didn’t want to work at all. Admittedly the reader is older than Izzy but it led to me having quite a strop. I don’t have the correct USB lead as the camera came without one. The Mr tried to help out pointing me to several articles that seemed likely to work but with no luck. Plenty of advice about setting it up in the network & sharing centre but nothing worked at all.

Have You Turned It Off & On Again?

Several times I tried turning the camera on & off, connecting & reconnecting to the Surface. It all looked set up as it had before but still unable to transfer images! I tried completely uninstalled and then re-installed the Canon Utilities software on the surface too, disconnecting & connecting the camera, failing each time. There was nothing else in the PDF Manual on Canon’s site either. I started getting so frustrated I simply worked through every connectivity setting on the Surface in the hope something, anything would work.

A Solution At Last!

Eventually, I worked out that simply connecting the camera with the software installed doesn’t work at all on Windows 10. UNLESS you also add your camera as a Bluetooth Device! I was shocked relieved when the Ixus 285HS suddenly connected and I could import all my photo’s at last! I double checked back through all the articles & guides we had found & not once did we find this mentioned anywhere!

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

Canon Ixus 285HS Transferring Images With Windows 10

If you are having the same issue with your Canon Ixus 285HS transferring images with Windows 10 then it is a very simple fix! (Once you know how haha!) Go into your Windows 10 Control panel, Bluetooth Devices & add a device. It doesn’t show you an option for a camera so I clicked on ‘Everything else’ which worked just fine. Make sure your camera connectivity is turned on & the software is installed too & it should automatically pop up asking if you want to transfer all the images from your Canon Ixus 285HS to your photo’s.

It may seem like such a simple, logical explanation but having seen forum after forum full of users facing the same issue, it obviously gets missed from time to time. I have to admit I am really relieved I finally found how to transfer images to my surface via wi-fi. It saves me from having to take the memory card out each time & keeps my only USB port free too. Hopefully, this post helps out someone else who is struggling with their Canon Ixus 285HS transferring images with Windows 10 too!

Have you had this issue?

DIY Daddy

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS – My New Favourite Toy!

I got a Purple Canon Ixus 285HS for me last week and I am so happy with it! I had no idea what he was buying but he made sure to wind me up especially by telling Martyn who of course enjoyed winding me up until it arrived too.

Purple Ixus Camera Case


I had previously been looking at the Ixus 185 as I struggle carrying my DSLR around with me. I wanted something light weight, which I had discussed with the Mr a few weeks beforehand without realising what he was up to! The Canon Ixus 285HS is sleep and light-weight, I can carry it in my coat pocket and take it everywhere with me.

Canon Ixus 285HS


My old camera is quite old and without my LGG4, which died again, I slowly stopped taking pictures. I stopped joining in with #MySundayPhoto because it didn’t seem worth it. Now I am excited to take photo’s again and can’t wait to see what I capture this year.

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS

Purple Canon Ixus 285HS

Not only is the Canon Ixus 285HS PURPLE but it also has 20.2mp. Because it has high sensitivity it is perfect for low-light shots. Being in the flat most of the time it can be difficult getting the lighting right. With the Canon Ixus 285HS I have saved so much time taking blog photo’s.

Canon Ixus 285HS on tripod

With 12x Optical Zoom I can take some pretty cool photo’s from up. Setting up my tripid I can get some great shots looking out at London at night! The other thing I love about the Canon Ixus 285HS is the fact I can transfer photo’s to other devices thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity. Great for blogging on the go! The app is great too, I can control the camera from my phone and use it as a live web cam.

I am still learning the settings and looking up online photography courses I can do to learn more too. The gorgeous Purple Canon Ixus 285HS is definitely my new favourite toy!

Improve Finances And Reduce Stress Using Technology

Want to improve finances and reduce stress using technology? I love technology and always welcome anything that reduces stress and helps improve finances due to my own mental health. Here is some advice* to improve finances and reduce stress levels using technology.

Improve Finances Using Technology


Use Technology To Reduce Stress And Improve Finances

A recent study has revealed that 14 million people worry about their finances every day. A shocking statistic which rings true for many. Mental health concerns affect many Brits. Whilst you shouldn’t pin everything on how much money you have or haven’t got, it’s difficult not to get stressed about money when the cost of living continues to rise. However, there is good news for the millions of stressed Brits worried about their finances. The key to taking control of your money is to reduce your stress levels. Technology is a great tool to help alleviate stress and there are such great mental health apps available to help you achieve just that.

Utilising technology

Wherever you turn, you’ll find yourself surrounded by some form of technology. Your home is probably full of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, voice-activated home assistants and game consoles. Whilst over-use and over-exposure to technology has been linked to stress, there are ways in which you can effectively use technology to boost your mental health and reduce your stress levels to allow you to make smart financial decisions.

When stressed, individuals often make poor financial choices, such as purchasing high priced goods to make themselves feel better, only to instantly regret it when the item arrives, thus increasing stress. However, technology can be utilised in these times. If you’re staring at your online bank account and are worried about the balance, ask your voice-activated home assistant to play some calming music, such as whale music which is known to reduce stress levels.

Reading technology

Reading has been proven to reduce stress levels. Before you make any spur of the moment purchases, grab your electronic reading device and lower your stress levels. You can reduce your stress levels by as much as 68% by taking time out and enjoying a couple of chapters of a good book. Just six minutes of reading can make you feel calmer and more relaxed. Be sure to carry reading material with you wherever you go.

Debt and technology

Gadgets allow individuals to check their bank balance wherever they are and at any time of the day. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Students are often knee deep in debt which can cause them much stress. If you’re a student looking to consolidate your student loan, be sure to use organisational software first to get everything in order. That way you can review your finances with a clear, stress-free head.

Stress is a factor which people across the UK and around the world contend with every day. We face a lot of stress especially when it comes to sorting out finances. However, technology is a great tool to use to stay calm, reduce stress levels and stay on top of your finances.

Do you think you could Improve Finances And Reduce Stress Using Technology to?

*In collaboration with Chrissy Gladstone.


Gamer Gift – ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset

We were sent the ultimate gamer gift! A ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite edition VR Headset, the perfect Christmas gift for any gamer! All of us enjoy playing games and discovering apps on our phones & tablets here so we couldn’t wait to try out a Virtual Reality headset for the first time. The ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset is available at Selfridges, Dixons Travel and WHSmith Travel.

ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset

Gamer Gift Specs

The new Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR headset combines state-of-the-art optics with immersive audio for the ultimate sensory experience. Perfect for gamers! The headset includes a Bluetooth gaming controller and removable HD stereo headphones with built-in mic and volume controls. This fab gamer gift also has HD optical resin lenses, a built-in capacitive touch button and removable face plate for compatibility with AR apps too. The Headset has optimised field of view with custom focal adjustments and an ergonomic halo band with a ventilated, form fit cushion. There are plenty of VR games available to download from the Play Store & the Apple store.

Gamer Gift - ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite Edition VR Headset

Setting Up The Headset

The VR headset itself is simple enough to set up. You load the VR game on your device, pop it in the front of the headset which is adjustable to fit different sized phones. You then pull out the knob on the back of the headset to adjust the size and push it back in once you have the correct size. If your device doesn’t automatically pick up the VR Headset there is a button on the bottom of the headset to connect.

Game Play

We decided to try out a Solar system VR game & a Safari Tour to try out. With the headset all set up we all took turns looking around space and driving through a safari park. The ReTrak Utopia 360 Elite Edition VR Headset is fantastic fun, being able to look in any direction you choose to discover planets or animals was great. The girls really enjoyed this gamer gift & so did I! ReTrak do advise you take a break every 30 minutes when using a Virtual Reality headset.

Gamer Gift

Overall Thoughts – The Perfect Gamer Gift!

The quality of this VR headset is great and it is definitely the ultimate gamer gift in our eyes! We love how quick and easy it is to set the headset up. The headset is comfortable to wear and simple enough to adjust to a comfortable fit. There are so many games available it is hard to choose but we will no doubt be playing plenty more! We love the ReTrak Utopia 360° Elite edition VR Headset

Do you know someone who would love this gamer gift?

Burnished Chaos

Getting To Know My Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I’ve been getting to know my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that the Mr got me for Christmas. Microsoft call it the tablet that can replace your laptop.. and they were right!

Surface Pro 3

I have the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i5 on Windows 10 with 128GB memory & 4GBRAM in silver with a 12″ display. It’s amazingly light compared to my old chunky Dell D620 laptop!

Having stuck to Windows 7 for a while it took me a day or so to get to grips with the system and how it works, and most importantly where everything is! Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty simple & I actually quite like the Menu’s, something I thought I might not be keen on having seen my friend use his when he got it.

It has a lovely clear 12″ screen which at first I thought I might struggle with but in all honesty it feels like the perfect size!

Mr of course has to purple my present in some way so he also got me the Purple keyboard to go with it! Now it is so much easier for me to write my blog posts again (you may have noticed I’ve posted a lot more since Christmas!).

My old laptop took years to load and if I was lucky if I could maybe edit one post in an entire weekend so had to rely on my phone & using th3e Mr’s PC when he wasn’t around. Now I can get a post written in no time. I love that the Surface Pro 3 has a stand as it’s handy whether in Tablet mode or as a Laptop/PC with the keyboard attached. I can literally write from anywhere now. I love curling up in my corner and having the whole set up laid flat across my legs so I can type with the keyboard still.

The Surface Pen took a little getting used to, being left handed I had to change the settings to left handed and have found it much easier.. except for when I decided to write with my right.. being ambidextrous isn’t always that ‘handy’ haha! I’ve now worked out the buttons on it and love how quick and easy it is to select and copy/paste text. I’d be a little lost without my pen now & have tried to use it on my phone several times too.. It doesn’t work if you were wondering 😉

I love how it is benefiting the Mr too! Anyone that follows me on Twitter has probably seen a rant or 2 about the Mr’s phone. It struggles to receive ANY signal or Wi-Fi anywhere yet when we are in the kitchen he can connect to Wi-Fi using my Surface Pro 3 as  hotspot which unlike my laptop shares my Wi-Fi connection! Hopefully within a few months there will be no need for this and we will have replaced the Mr’s phone but it is very handy!

I haven’t yet had a play with Cortana but I have heard it is a amazing.. I’ll do another post when I get round to it. I think I’ll feel a tad silly talking to Cortana at first though!

The Surface Pro 3 also has a front and back 5mp camera with video recording capabilities in 1080p. We tested this out Christmas day Face Timing my friend Slim who is currently in Guyana. Although I hid the whole time as I’m not keen on voice/video calls I did keep an eye on how well the camera worked and it was surprisingly good for a video call! The Camera’s also have a privacy light each so you know when the Camera’s are active.

Sound wise it’s not the loudest but to be honest I usually put music on the Mr’s PC and play it through our sound system. The speakers do have Dolby enhanced sound which I have to admit whilst not particularly loud it is very clean and clear to listen to.

Browsing the web and swapping between applications is ridiculously quick (especially if your using a pre-historic laptop!). Everything runs smoothly and quickly with very little lag even when I have everything in the world open! This was my main issue with the laptop and the Surface Pro 3 has seriously blown me away with it’s capabilities.

There are also several ports including USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort and micro SD card reader which is extremely useful as well as a headphone jack.

I love the fact I can download games from the App store too and also play Xbox games!! I am soo getting wireless controllers haha! I’ve already installed my favourite word game and tried a few out and the display is awesome! I played a racing game thinking there was no way moving the Surface Pro 3e around would work as well as on my phone. Well I was wrong! It is so much better than my phone! It responds so well I even came first in a race I tend to lose on my phone.

There are sooo many features on the Surface Pro 3 that I think I will carry on checking them out and write another post once I’ve really had a play!

So far though the Surface Pro 3 is a definite win and the Mr has had a ton of praise for it! I would definitely recommend it to bloggers who like to write on the go as well as at home.