A Replacement Backpack for the Mr

I promised to review the replacement backpack we got the Mr for his birthday and as it’s been a few months. (Oops!) I figured I should probably get on to it!

Searching for a replacement backpack

We spent so long on our desperate backpack search but as I mentioned previously we finally gave in and accepted it wasn’t possible to find an identical copy of the Mr’s old Surfanic backpack. We decided to have a look around and see what else was out there.

It had to be big enough and sturdy enough to carry heavy shopping like bottles of coke, milk, juice. It’s more to satisfy the Mr’s needs as he prefers to carry most of the weight on his back (I generally can’t pick his backpack up when its full as it’s so heavy!) so we really had a challenge finding one a decent size that didn’t cost the earth.

Ordering a replacement backpack

After looking around for some time the Mr finally decided on an Under Armour backpack being sold on Ebay for £26.99 which arrived within days.


Replacement backpack - Under Armour


Izzy was quick to help get it unpacked check it out when it arrived. She seemed fairly impressed. The Mr eventually got round to using it a few day’s later and has since retired his surfanic bag.

There are 2 large compartments and a rather large bottom zip pocket along with 2 mesh drink bottle pockets & a smaller zip up pocket at the top of the bag.

We hadn’t realised when ordering that the bottom zip pocket is a long square that reaches to the back of the bag. This is something we have never seen before and it is pretty cool! The Mr has used it daily for the last few month’s and hasn’t had any problem’s. He finds it pretty comfortable on his shoulders which is great for heavy loads. He the handy little pockets for things like his keys, sunglasses, phone etc.

The Mr is surprisingly still happy with his replacement. Although it does carry less than his last bag as it still carries what we need.



Desperate Backpack Search

I’m on a desperate backpack search! The Mr has a backpack that he has had for years and I mean YEARS! He had it long before I met him which was 9 years ago. It is just a simple looking black Surfanic backpack. It has 2 large pockets and several smaller pockets. He absolutely loves it as he can cram tons of shopping in there.

Desperate Backpack Search

He regularly manages to carry an impressive amount of shopping back from town!

Loading Up!


There are 2 large zip up pockets, both with inner pockets. One inner pocket is A4 size with cushioning allowing you to keep documents etc flat and uncreased.

The smaller pocket of the two has a few little pockets inside and a clip.


On the sides there are two mesh side pockets which he usually stores sunglasses and a drink in.Lastly there is a small front pocket he puts his keys in for easy access.

The shoulder pads and back of the bag itself is well padded. It also has a carry handle and a chest strap.

Needless to say this is pretty damn impressive for a pretty regular sized backpack to carry those kinds of weights so often and last for so long & unfortunately after a lot of use and abuse this beloved backpack (AKA Mary Poppins bag) is beginning to die.

The shoulder strap is slowly coming lose and the cats have used it as a scratching post several times leaving a nice long rip along the bottom, he refuses to let it rest as we have searched high and low for an exact copy!

This is where you my lovely readers come in.. I would absolutely love to find him either this exact backpack or a very very similar one.

I have spent hours searching and unfortunately he finds most of the new surfanic designs quite garish and would much rather find something closer to what he already has.

Has anyone spotted one of these in a shop? On a website? Do you or a family member have one in very good condition hidden away somewhere you would be willing to sell?

If anyone does have any information please leave a comment or contact me using the Get in touch page. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!!